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This is my new OC of fuwafuwaskonku397 of Halloween Mask Furry ADOPTABLES the Masquerade Poodle whom I named Savannah Leroux.  She is a party planner, and custome shop.  She believes in  fancy dress parties and she is a Southern Belle, sort of like Rarity of My Little Pony  or Zoe of Littlest Pet Shop.

Masquerade Ball Poodle (Open, made by me)
Bio: A well brought up lady who loves the sophistication and grace of the Autumnal evenings.
Species: Poodle
Fur Color: Grey skin
Hair Color: White fluff
Hairstyle: Fluffy and curly
Eyes: Brown
Jack O Lantern: Fancy Smile
Special Item: Masquerade mask and fan
Bikini: Purple with black frills

Savannah Leroux is a party planner, costumer and party supplies saleswoman.  She is always fascinated by costumes and outfits.  She is always loved the dresses of say French Monarchy and would love to live in a world that dressed like that.  Though she like to keep the modern world especially medicine.  She helps designs some of the outfits inspired by this looks.

She is daughter of old Southern Family which has retained their fortune.  She always found the fancy parties and all of mannerisms of these gatherings.  She is well trained sophisticated lady at a proper finishing school.  While her mannerisms seems to be aloof and condescending to people, but she is actually a kind and caring person.  She enjoys the posh and style of Southern Belles.

She loves the trappings of the Southern Culture, she knows the dark side and drawbacks of this culture.  She knows how these Southern Ladies and Gentlemen were able to be so sophisticated for parties.  If ask she would agree about them, though she enjoys the grandeur of the parties.

She wears the Halloween mask in the store as part of job.  She thinks it adds an air of mystery and intrique to her persona. You can see her with her mask and with it off.

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