Gokusan the Duck is feeling Sleepy
Artist Type: Digital Artist

♠ [GS|Duck|The Floofy One]♠

I am an insomniac duck who draws a lot of cartoon ducks and other anthropomorphic animals. I am disabled so all art (both personal and commissioned) is on an "able to" basis.  You'll find art of my OCs and fan-art here as well art I've done for others. 
 All art in the gallery is PG-PG13.

My characters can be found here.

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♠Art Status♠
I take commissions. Info can be found here. 
Commission Price List

Art Trades-CLOSED
Requests-RARE (I only take requests if I'm posting that I am open for them. Please do not ask otherwise.)


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New Comp/Commissions Open

Good news. My family helped me out with getting a new comp. Bad news. I still have to redo several art pieces that were lost so art is still slow. I am still open for commissions however. See info here. https://www.furiffic.com/Gokusan/journals/5371 {/Gokusan/journals/5371}
13/07/2017 15:29

Computer Died-Art on Hold/Emergency Commissions

This means all art is on hold until I get a new computer. Some stuff was lost and some stuff was on the external. So I will have to salvage what I can. Commissions are open because I need funds to help foot the bill for a new computer.
08/07/2017 18:29


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Julius Mallard

Male · Duck · Heterosexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Juli
Julius is a booze drinking, smoking, criminal with a bad attitude. He's a bastard.
13/01/2016 02:32

Trevor Mallard

Male · Duck · Heterosexual · Pisces
Role-playing Friends
02/11/2015 07:45


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Species: goat
Artist Type: art whore
Mood: high
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Joined 22/09/2015 17:53

Darkwing Merduck

Species: mermaid
Artist Type: traditional artist
Mood: sleepy
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Kootra posted to Gokusan

13/04/2017 20:14

You have a lovely art style! ^.^

Gokusan posted

12/04/2016 21:00

I have an account on the Furry Network now!

Gokusan posted

25/12/2015 05:34

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Gokusan posted

08/12/2015 20:55

Just your everyday insomniac duck.

Gokusan posted

30/08/2015 05:25

Stupid allergies making me sneeze a lot and sapping my energy.

Floyd Filly · 20/11/2016 02:36

Feel you there. Happens to me too.

Gokusan posted

29/08/2015 09:45

This duck needs to get to bed. Been up way too long!

Ricari posted to Gokusan

23/08/2015 21:07

...I shall watch you forever.  

Gokusan · 24/08/2015 05:31

Thanks for the watch. :3 

Gokusan posted

23/08/2015 04:48

There's going to be a lot of duck art. But don't worry. I do other animals as well. 

Gokusan posted

22/08/2015 10:34


 A small preview of a comic I’m working on as a side project.

Gokusan posted

22/08/2015 08:43

I am an insomnic duck. 

Gokusan posted

22/08/2015 05:27

Got an invite to this site. So going to try it out. Expect uploads soon.