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Welcome to my page, I am Goro. I may not post here often but if you wish to see any of my projects then feel free to check the other websites I am on. I mostly stick to posting on DeviantArt but I try to post elsewhere. I mostly do sprite works and sometimes 3D modeling. I am ok with a pencil but I am horrible at digital sketches.

I am thinking of doing sprite requests of fursona and scalesonas alike. It isnt much but It will give me something to do here. If that interests you I will need you to contact me and tell me exactly what you are requesting and to see a link to your fursona (keep in mind it must be in color) If you would like it as a chibi that can also be done. I will simple put you on a list and get to work on the sprite. Keep in mind that these are requests not paid commissions.

thank you and have a good day


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Zahrah posted to Goro

23/02/2016 14:19

Thanks for subing! ^.^

Goro · 23/02/2016 16:04

^^ Anytime

Gryphon posted to Goro

21/02/2016 23:16

Thanks for the Fav ^v^

Crystal_Yoshida posted to Goro

25/12/2015 12:56

Thank you for the subscription.

Goro · 25/12/2015 18:04

^^ Anytime

Duo Theus posted to Goro

18/12/2015 05:15

Thanks for the subscription mate

Goro · 18/12/2015 08:31

^^ Anytime

JurassicScavenger posted to Goro

10/12/2015 19:42

Thanks for your support!

Goro · 11/12/2015 00:42


Oriel posted to Goro

10/12/2015 18:04

Thanks for the Sub ???

Oriel · 10/12/2015 19:05

those were heart but it changed them whoopslol

Goro · 11/12/2015 00:41


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