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Gotham is the daughter of a wealthy businessman and his mistress. Ever since birth she was locked away from the world, her father fearing for her safety as his future heir. Even though the father wanted a son, the gender of his offspring ultimately did not matter. He would raise her to eventually take his place. Gotham's entire childhood was spent caged off within the walls of her father's office building. The only time she ever interacted with the outside world was during the trips to and from home. Everyone in the building adored the young albino panda and everyone helped her grow. But like all caged animals, one day the desire to be free was just too overpowering.

After many attempts over a four year period Gotham managed to escape her entrapment and run off into the world. (still in progress)


1.65 Meters · 5 Feet, 4.96 Inches


95.25Kg · 14 Stone, 13.99 Pound

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very soft

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Short, chunky, very affectionate. Gotham is an albino panda with bright blue dyed hair and gold contacts. (Yes under her tweaked features are white hair and pink eyes.) instead of the signature black markings, hers are a very light grey that can be overlooked easily. Sometimes gets confused for a polar bear, but she hates that.

At a young age she was hexed by a witch. Every six hours on the dot her gender will shift between male and female. It makes for some very interesting moments.

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