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Grace was once a queen, in a faraway land whose name she has since forgotten. She ruled for 25 years before she was ousted in a bloody coup that ended with her torture and execution at the hands of the rebels. Or it should have. She awoke some unknown time later in a shallow grave in a foreign land and has been a wanderer ever since. She lives by her wits and over the last year or so she has learned how to swallow her pride enough to earn her living by various unpleasant means. She works when she can, taking various odd jobs for enough money for a meal and a roof over her head. Failing that, she has learned how to steal and to sell her body to fill her belly.

She hails from a highly matriarchal society and was raised to think of females as superior. She has mostly outgrown this prejudice thanks to her time living outside the sheltered walls of her palace, but she still sometimes has trouble relating to males on a personal level.

Grace is under a curse that makes it impossible for her to permanently die. She can be killed just like any ordinary person, but she always comes back to life 24 hours later. Unfortunately for her, her resurrection always wipes her memory of the events of the last 48 hours prior to her death and, worse, is beginning to eat away at her memory of her life before the coup. She has already forgotten her real name and the name of her homeland, and she lives in terror of the day she forgets she ever had a life before this one.

Her curse also randomly changes her physical age every morning so that she never knows how old she'll be when she wakes up.

At the instant of death, her body and any parts of her that might have been removed will immediately vanish and she will resurrect in a shallow grave in a secret location.


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Queen (former)/wandering adventurer/part-time prostitute/petty thief. Grace will basically do just about anything it takes to fill her belly and earn a roof over her head for the night.


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Grace is a friendly girl, with an open mind and an open heart. She's quick to make friends with anyone who treats her kindly, and she's always glad to lend a hand to those in need. She can be a little bit naive, and trusts a little too easily sometimes, which sometimes leads her into bad situations, but so far it hasn't done much to dampen her spirits.


1.43 Meters · 4 Feet, 8.29 Inches

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Grace is a small but curvaceous swift fox vixen with sandy colored fur and bright blue eyes. A former queen, she carries herself with a regal bearing, but she is friendly and has a kind heart.

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