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Abi is a powerful sorceress from a far-off land. She barely remembers a time she wasn't wandering the world in search of adventure and ways to set things right. She can't even remember the name of the country where she was born. But she looks forward to each new dawn with an eagerness that's hard to squelch, and she views each new day as an adventure waiting to happen.

Abi's magic is focused largely on the control and manipulation of fertility, both in herself and others. She's able to greatly enhance fertility, allowing even normally sterile individuals to produce viable offspring, or she can reduce fertility to prevent conception in anyone who wishes it. These effects only have a limited effectiveness, though, and her spells will typically wear off after a period of 48 hours. Any children conceived during that time, however, will develop normally.


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Abi is an adventuring sorceress. She often travels alone, preferring to keep all the loot she finds for herself, but she is willing to hire herself out to adventuring parties who are willing to put up with her rather unorthodox methods.


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Abi is a kind-hearted, adventurous doe with a strong sense of altruism and a desire to do good in the world and help people. Being a rabbit, she is also prone to mischief and harmless pranks, especially directed at her friends. Though she's just as quick to offer them a shoulder to cry on, or a hand with whatever troubles they may face. She has a strong sex drive, as if that surprises anyone, and is remarkably free with her affections.


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Abi is a white-furred pygmy rabbit with a diamond shaped patch of black fur on her chest, black ear tips and black toes. She is a powerful sorceress and she always has a faint aura of magic about her.

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