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Tiffany and Jen take their date outside to a nice, wide open field under the moonlight. They lay and talk for hours, sipping wine and enjoying each other's company. Tiffany laughs once or twice about how Jen probably shouldn't be drinking, but Tiffany couldn't really care less - she was having a great time. She also had to confess she had never seen a bunny-fox before, let alone been on a date with one. She also had never been out with someone so much younger than her - but she figured there was a first for everything Tiffany couldn't deny that Jen was quite alluring.

After downing a bottle of Merlot, Tiffany, who probably had too much to drink, cuddled up to Jen and passed out for the night. Jen thought about waking her, but let her be. It had been such a peaceful, beautiful night.

A cute little date between Jen and mossandtree  mossandtree's beautiful bunny Tiffany. I don't think Jen can believe her luck!

Art, story and the gorgeous Tiffany all belong to mossandtree  mossandtree
Their post: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/23107833/
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Jen Aoife O'Malley is mine.

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