Grat the Wolf is feeling Lonely

Hi, welcome to my page. I don't upload stuff much, and none of my art is done by me. I'm 16 and very perverted! I love anime, furries, gothic shit, and gaming!

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I have a thing for older women!


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I'm Back! (sorta)

Sorry I haven't been on much, for those who actually follow me. xD I've been dealing with stuff, and started to really get into Twitter, haha!
13/10/2015 22:31
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Goodbye, Jinxsys

I just had to put my cat Jinxsys to sleep. He could've even move his body anymore he got so weak. I love you, Jinxsys!
08/09/2015 17:56


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skullz posted to Grat

08/09/2015 18:20

hey ..hahah love your art

skullz posted to Grat

08/09/2015 18:19

hey ..hahah love your art

Zahrah posted to Grat

06/09/2015 14:02

Thanks for subing! ^.^

Grat ยท 07/09/2015 07:34

 Of course! ♥

Sheato Shadeslight posted to Grat

29/08/2015 23:21

Thanks for the Fav.

Auggie posted to Grat

19/08/2015 13:15

 Thanks fur the subscription :33

Korri posted to Grat

15/08/2015 20:25

 thnx so much for choosing to subscribe to me ^_^ I really appreciate it

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