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I am an aspiring Digital artist from IL, USA. I wish to someday learn to create my own fursuit, and perhaps make money of my art ^.^ For now, I just want to practice and continue getting good at doing what I love.

Aside from art, I love writing, animals, music, videogames, Netflix, plants, tumblr, and grunge/punk fashion. I'm a bit alternative and some people call me scary but I don't think I'm to terribly terrifying.

I identify with the following labels, please respect them!:


Nonbinary (They/them pronouns)


Christian Witch

I am in the Army National Guard and preparing for college after Basic and AIT :3

Don't be afraid to say something if you want to talk or commission me for art!! 


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I think I'm gonna start practicing some traditional Badges for my irls that want some commissions done. If I post them and people like them, I may start some online commissions as well as playing around with digital badges. Who knows? lol. I just want to get more involved in the furry community a...
25/03/2017 00:24


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Nonbinary · Bat · Pansexual · Taurus
Role-playing No
Nicknames Saiph
Saiph is a Celestial bat assassin badass that loves and accepts everyone. They just want to find ...
22/03/2017 19:17


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Species: alien
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Species: human
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Thanks for subbing! ♥

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Thanks for the sub and welcome to Furiffic 

Greyghoulz · 24/03/2017 17:30

Thanks! and no problem :3 

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