Max the William the Human is feeling Exhausted
Artist Type: Traditional Artist

Selling eli

Eli is open for offers. I'm just not attached anymore, and feel like he needs a better home. Looking for mainly 25000 points. Or a character with the same amount of art,quality. He has About 78 pieces. Or just offer. If I don't get any good offers I'll be giving him to a friend.
20/05/2017 15:18


Doing ota on my ocs. These will be hard First: Troy Art amount: 20-29 I think Paid: $5 Second: Eli Grajek Art amount: 78 Paid: 2000 Third: chase Art amount: 0 Paid: I think somewhere around 1000-2000 Fourth: vance Art amount: 5 Paid: 200 or 300 Fifth: dix Art amount: 2 Paid: forgot Sixth: Ol...
10/05/2017 21:42

Slightly emergency commissions

Worse time of the month for me. My truck is not working and one of the tires is flat and I need my truck for work. So I am opening commissions at $1.
13/04/2017 03:33
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I'm back.

I haven't been on here for a good while and wondering how everyone is.
12/04/2017 23:13

Need art of this babe

i am looking for someone that can do my babe looking for art requests Name: Felozi Age: Unknown Gender: Anything Height: 9'9 Weight: 89 Species: monster like space wolf
04/10/2016 19:57

Emergency commissions

So my babe has seizures since she was a pup and i need to get more pills for her so i am doing commissions paypal only so here is my prices Headshot : 3$ Half body: 5$ Full body: 9-10$ Please help me out
03/10/2016 13:49