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If you feel like tipping its always appreciated though not required. All tips go toward helping me to continue to bring you the best I can do by allowing me to: keep the lights on, food in my belly, new equipment and keeping it up to date, the internet on and maybe some beer for the drunk artist streams.... please use the paypal link provided and if given the choice select gift (paypal gets kind of silly when it comes to artists this is the easiest way to deal with it) 

See something you like and cant afford a full commission from me? ALL images in my gallery are available for purchase at the set rate of $25 per image. They are all at 1200dpi just send me a message letting me know which image you want and and email address to send the invoice too, After payment has been received your image will be delivered via digital link within 24 hours. purchase of any of these images comes with permission to print for personal use commercial use has separate rules and pricing. NOTE: IF the image has a description of commission it is NOT available for purchase


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upcoming life stuffs

Up coming events: After Feb 24th Unknown as I am in Tulsa working 12 hour days for couple months. The upside of this paying of/off debts, being able to afford a new computer, wacom (cintique), and finally a dynamic mic because my current mic is trash. The downside is I doubt Ill have much time to...
19/02/2016 13:32


This was an amazing week: discovered officially Im dyslexic so theres that. Ive been fighting numbers and issues of the like my whole life but now I have a reason behind the swimming texts numbers and rivers in the text I also was commissioned for a book cover a couple weeks ago but am finally ge...
06/02/2016 07:17


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Gryphon posted

20/01/2017 11:27

Well my wacom finally died. Sadly it decided to do it while I was working n the Stitch image. As some of you had theorized it is the reason I havnt posted much over the last year. Its hard to draw AND fight your equipment at the same time. I think the move finally did it in. may work on some 3D stuff in the mean time. wish one of the jobs I applied for would just up an hire me so I can get it replaced already an start working on stuff more often

FussyPuppy posted to Gryphon

04/01/2017 22:07

Oh, wow! An thank you for the sub back! 

Replic posted to Gryphon

13/01/2016 18:45

 Thank you for the watch back :)

FussyPuppy · 04/01/2017 09:35

Oh, wow! An thank you for the sub back! ❤

Rigbybestie · 04/01/2017 18:44 · 1 Reply

No problemo! 

FussyPuppy · 04/01/2017 22:09

Oh, my bad! Sorry. Was on mobile, and thought this was replying to Gryphon. lol

Rigbybestie · 06/01/2017 18:16 · 1 Reply

Sorry! I thought I was replying to Gryphon as well!

FussyPuppy · 06/01/2017 18:19

It's okay! :)

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