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The Red Dragon about to devour the moon while the earth looks on. Milky Way in BG.

Done with acrylic paints on a 24'x48' stretched canvas

It’s finally up for Auction YAY!

If you guys could, I would really appreciate it if y’all spread the word by reblogging this and sharing!

I just recently lost hours to work and am now down to 4 hours a week die to missing work because of illnesses, my partner is getting a job doing delivery to help pay for rent and bills and food. I still have several thousand dollars in doctor/hospital bills and still need to see my neurologist and a urologist, and I have only 2 months until my insurance I have with my Union runs out. I also need to see a dentist and have some teeth fixed, due to exposed roots slowly becoming cavities and that’ll be around $400 estimated.

This painting needs to sell……

so right now we’re working on getting our freelancing business up off the ground, making fursuits and selling artwork. I’m getting onto making a society6 account to sell prints and artwork online.


cerelia · 21/10/2015 00:07

this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the attention to detail and the symmetry

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