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Elle : "I am pretty sure it was this way .... or actually maybe it was up the hill?!"
Ira : "Just hurry up and pick please!"
Elle : "I think we are lost again .... "
Ira : *sighs* " Yeup. "
- - - - -

Decided to do alittle throw back piece to our friendship's roots, we used to always play zombie games. If you have ever played DayZ you know the unfortunate truth in constantly getting lost or turned around. However this proves true in real life as well, on our trip there were many of times I had to navigate. Which to be honest is the worst possible idea in the world. 

I had a blast drawing this, and giving myself a deadly weapon . . .

- - - -

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Art/Elle (c) Myself
Ira (c) Iracundia 

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