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I finally got a Cinnaaaa!!! I've been wanting one so badly for months now hhhh. Anyway on to the info. 
This is is my myo Cinnadog, Shenandoah Harvest. He is based on fall themed cupcakes and he is heavily influenced by fall traditions from my home, the Shenandoah Valley. This cinna really means a lot to me as he represents my home and all the things I love about it during the fall- The brilliant colors of the changing of the leaves,chilly weather, warm scarves and sweaters, the fresh brewed apple cider, crisp home grown apples from local orchards, pumpkin flavored everything, maple syrup treats, and deer hunting season.

I love Virginia, living in the valley, and Fall ♥ This cinna is my representation of that love

Art/design (c) Me
Cinnadogs (c) cinnabutt
Cinnadogs are a closed species. You may not make your own.

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