Hazel the Fennekit fox is feeling Disappointed
Artist Type: Anime Artist

Hazel ☆ Female ♀️ ☆ 20s ☆ Autistic ☆ Cartoonime Artist ☆ Animator ☆ ENFP-T ☆ Ambivert ☆ Bilingual 🇬🇧🇪🇸 ☆ Hetero/Ace ☆ Single (never been taken)
Laidback ☆ Childlike ☆ Fearful ☆ Furry ☆ Fennec mix kit fox ☆ Fursuiter and maker ☆ Modern hippie ☮ ☆ Cartoon anime lover (NOT weaboo) ☆ Plushie lover and maker ☆ Musician

Meep! Hai I'm Hazel! ^-^ Ima kawaii hybrid of a fennec fox and kit fox :D

I'm usually pretty jolly and chill, but I can be very timid so whatever you do, please don't scare me!

I absolutely admire the anime style so that's why my art is inspired by it! Although it still has a bit of cartoon in it so that's why I call my artstyle a cartoonime style! It's like cartoon mixed with anime ^w^

My OCs are my children! Please don't steal, use, trace, or rp with them. It's heartbreaking and not only that, it really hurts and scares me.. '^';

Please don't copy and take my ideas either, I'm already dealing with a harasser and copycat who keeps stalking me so yeh. :/

My main characters are CodyMaxLavenderZack, and my fursona is Hazel! My fursona is basically me as a fox ^w^ I love my main characters most, they are so funny and cute! >w<

As you can probably tell, I'm very talkative! I'm always open for making new friends, I'm easily lonely so enough friends is never enough! But if you're here to bully, threaten, or hurt me in any sort of way then please don't bother interacting with me in any sort of way. I already put up with enough bullies, I don't need more.

Please do not steal my art, ocs, ideas, etc. Theft is wrong and you know it!

Thanks for reading! Stay awesome and stay kawaii! (≧◡≦)/) ~☆

Note: I'm a bit inactive here on Furiffic, I guess I just got bored of the lack of notice.. ^-^; But I'm much more active on Weasyl so do check me out on there instead okay ^w^ See ya!


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Farewell! It's sad to see you go!

Recently I heard that Furiffic is shutting down and now everyone's sad :< I'll be listing other sites I'm on so that we can all keep in touch.. ÓvÒ Farewell! I hope we'll meet again someday!
1 month ago

Watch out for the stalker guys

Just thought I'd warn you guys about a stalker who has been harassing me for a few years now. Please do not attack me and my friends for this!
7 months ago


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Female · Fennec fox ·
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A fennec fox character to be developed!
6 months ago


Female · Griffin · Asexual ·
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The littlest gryphon!
7 months ago


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wolvykasu posted to Hazel

6 months ago

thank you for the welcome

Hazel · 6 months ago

no prob ^w^

Hazel posted

9 months ago

hai peeps! ^w^

Hazel · 8 months ago

=D hi yes this is for the haters lol: https://twitter.com/HazelTheVixen/status/1420492679004180480

Hazel · 7 months ago

and this is to my friends and fans: you guys are the coolest, i love you all ^w^ do me a favour and stay awesome for me :3

Hazel posted

23/10/2019 12:28


TokeiTime · 8 months ago · 1 Reply

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Hazel · 8 months ago

no problemo! ^w^

DogTFFan · 8 months ago · 3 Replies

thank you for following me here Hazel😁

Hazel · 8 months ago

no prob! ^-^

DogTFFan · 8 months ago

Hey Hazel I have a question do you think if I just sit back and keep posting to my gallery people will come to my page? It was so lonely here before

Hazel · 8 months ago

i'm sure they would! remember to interact with others too, you might make some new friends plus others might check out your profile and maybe fave some works! ^-^ with weasyl you might have more luck aswell but remember to have patience, maybe you could advertise on places like discord channels too! that's how some peeps found out my instagram and livestreams ^w^

i think it also depends on the stuff you post, on art sites alotta people are mainly there to admire artwork so if drawings are your main focus then you might have more luck :3 you can still create other content tho! it's always good to have a nice variety of things ^w^ like for example, i not only draw art but i also make plushies, fursuits, animations, and stories! :D hope that helps!