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Meep meep! Hai I'm Hazel the kit fox! ^w^

Ima a laidback but fearful fur so pleease don't bully me okay..? ;w; I am also ambiverted so I'll either be a shygirl or social butterfly. :3

I'm a cartoonime artist and animator! I absolutely admire the anime style so that's why my art is inspired by it! Although it still has a bit of cartoon in it so that's why I call my artstyle a cartoonime style! It's like cartoon mixed with anime. ^-^

My OCs are my children! Please don't steal, use, trace, or rp with them. It's heartbreaking and not only that, it really hurts and scares me.. '^'

I have alot of anthro and feral OCs but most of my main characters are actually kemonomimis! Well.. kemonomimis that can turn into feral animals ofcourse >w< My main characters are CodyMaxLavenderZack, and my fursona is Hazel! My fursona is basically me as a kit fox ^w^ I love my main characters most, they are so funny and cute! =D

I do like to roleplay but be warned, I'm a little picky! I don't like paragraph, paragraph's for bookworms! Script style is quicker, better, way more fun ^-^ I only roleplay with script roleplayers. ‾ɯ‾ If ya want my RP comfort meme then here it is! :3

As you can probably tell, I'm very talkative! I'm always open for making new friends, I'm easily lonely so enough friends is never enough!

If you're here to bully, threaten, or hurt me in any sort of way then please don't bother.

Thanks for reading! Stay awesome and stay kawaii! (≧◡≦)/) ~☆


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Female · Kit fox · Asexual · Scorpio
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Nicknames Hazey, Lazy Hazey
A laidback but fearful vixen who hopes to be loved!
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