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She was her parent’s only daughter. Born a little later, but she came out as perfect as her parents had wanted things to be. Rough times for the two wedded lovers, the arguments of financial choices piling over one after another. The mother wants to save; the father wants to spend. The schism was set, and even though the two were lovers, they couldn’t bring themselves to terms to stay together. The two split, and so did their time with their only daughter. Ever since she was five, she had a week by week schedule with her parents: one week with dad, one week with mom, back and forth. Sometimes the other was out of town on business or the holidays would interfere, making things complicated; mom had bowling nights on Wednesdays too, ending up playing a part of her team (and she still does to this day), so that made things complex as well. But, things were fine in this style. Mom started dating again, dad remarried a few years later. A happily divided family. 

Heather was always the loner in high school. Sure, she did manage to pick up three or so best friends out of the mix, but out of the sixty people within her class, it kinda felt like she was secluded, not that she had too many problems with that feeling however. She had her hobbies; singing, guitar, video games; and she had her friends. It was easy coasting through the years, despite her growing hatred for the routine of her life between switching houses every week. Her senior year finally rolled around and she had gotten the spine to pick one house or the other, resting on going with her mother’s after a few heated months between her and her father. To her, it was nothing personal, but he always seemed to be hurt over the decision, but she wouldn’t go back on it. Out of highschool and comfortable with herself, free of the stress, she set on towards finding herself a job... 

Only to end up working in the family store surrounded by music. Yes, her father had started a business a few years after the divorce, selling instruments and various musical accessories and such. She was practically drafted into it, but she couldn’t really complain. She did have a weak spot for electric guitars and singing to her heart’s content in angry, rough sounding music, so she did fit quite right into the scene. It helped strengthen her relationship with her father on the side as well, so everything worked out in the end. 

The husky now lives alone in her apartment, surrounded by the things she took from her mom’s and enjoying her total privacy. Lonely, but comfortable.


1.8 Meters ยท 5 Feet, 10.86 Inches

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