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So, umm, I'm not so good with introducing myself, but I'll give it a try
My name is Claudia, it's very nice to meet you! I am just a girl who loves to draw. I'd love to become an animator/cartoonist/game designer one day. I also love anime, one day I would love to go to Japan and work on an anime :D Anyway as for my personality, I am quite shy at first and a bit awkward. As a kid I didn't have very many friends, as I result I find it difficult to talk to new people. But I don't let that get in the way, once I'm comfortable I'm a random and bubbly person. I love adventure time and Pokemon, they are my favourite things in the world. Sometimes I go on dA as an escape from the real world, I don't know many people who like what I like, I only know a few and sometimes that gets me down. dA has been a confidence boost in my life, but at the same time it has brought me down, i'm not noticed on here and it makes me question whether my art is actually good or not.
I have a side fringe that starts on the left side and covers my right side, I have plum purple hair, I have VERY VERY poofy hair which sometimes I love and hate. I don't wear any make-up at all, I LOVE dark clothing, though it's hard to find clothing I like :XD: I am quite short for my age too. I am 5'2 -.-
I have an amazing boyfriend named Andrew, he is a derpy boy just like me =p we both love pokemon and anime :D I'm not really one to express my affection over the internet but I wuv you hehe
So I hope you enjoy my page :D


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