Hiroshi Kai the Saber-toothed cat/arctic fox is feeling Lonely
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Scout and cartographer.


reiko kai

Relationship Sister
Female · Red fox/red panda · Bisexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
Reiko is a Red Fox/Red panda hybrid of rather short height and hefty weight. She has rust brown/r...
22/06/2016 05:21

Extra Details

Hiroshi has two curved dragon horns protruding from his head as a byproduct of a mutation during his separation from Reiko. The katana he carries is mostly for looks, symbolizing his acknowledgment that true power comes from possessing it but choosing not to use it needlessly. That being said, he is extremely skilled in its use.

Favorite Pokémon: Greninja


1.9 Meters · 6 Feet, 2.8 Inches


100Kg · 15 Stone, 10.46 Pound

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Slightly muscular, cut

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He has the power to control water and freeze it, no matter how miniscule the amount. The scouter he normally wears is used for gauging the fighting power of potential threats to his cartography business.

Floyd Filly · 23/12/2016 05:39 · 1 Reply

Nice character! Can you make a backstory for Hiroshi? Just wondering.

Hiroshi Kai · 23/12/2016 06:52

Lmao, yes Lioness. I have one for him, it's just that my crappy phone doesn't like to load the text editors for the back story section of character pages. I'll try to get on it if I can, it is my main fursona after all.

Hiroshi is a saber-toothed cat/arctic fox hybrid of average height with ice blue and white fur. He wears his hair in an emo swept style, dyed medium blue with streaks of black. He wears a vest like Gogeta & Gotenks' fusion clothing, loose fitting pants, a royal blue sash belt, black bracers & boots. Also wears a power level scouter due to his profession. He also carries a black katana on his back.

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Open to role-playing

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No male/male sexual connotations, other than that open to just about anything else.