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Hi there! I thank you for finding your way here, hopefully because you want to know more about me. I'm 29 years old, straight, and fairly new to being a furry. Even newer still to letting anyone know, but I've felt otherkin nearly all my life. I am engaged to the very beautiful, sweet, and talented Kairi Kai, or just Kai here. She is the love of my life and bearer of my soon-to-be angel of a stepdaughter. Go check out her gallery while you're here! MBTI type - INFJ. I'm not one for initiating a conversation, so don't think I'm not feeling talkative just because I say nothing.

I'm extremely laid-back and loving but can be neurotic and obsessive at times, I guess you could say I'm am extrovert trapped in an introvert's body. I love music, movies, tv, art; pretty much any form of media, but especially anything comedy related. I like just about any kind of music, but my favorite genres are Rock, Metal, Dubstep, Alternative Rock, Hardcore, and Hardstyle. And of course, pretty much anything Lapfox. I love all animals but some of my favorite species are foxes (especially fennec and arctic), domestic & big cats, horses, apes, wolves, dogs, bears, red pandas, weasels, deer, sharks (namely hammerheads), mantises, dragons, unicorns, and sergals. I am an anime fanatic, and a hentai connoisseur. I plan to start drawing my own hentai soon, I'm playing around with some ideas and look forward to any feedback I can get. I make Minecraft skins occassionally, which you can see here http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/xenomorph104. I specialize in furry skins but will make anything that intrigues me. Yes, I am a brony and a Pokefreak, if you have any problems with that then I suggest you keep that to yourself and we can get along. I'm a Dragon Ball, Gundam, & Monster Hunter otaku. I also rather enjoy lolita fashion and anything kawaii, as I am very comfortable with my sexuality. Also if you are homophobic or racist then you probably shouldn't be here in the first place, we will probably not get along. I'm always looking forward to meeting new people, and I don't judge others' interests so I hope we can be friends!

Favorite Comedy movie: A tie between Blazing Saddles & Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Favorite Drama movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite Heavy Metal band: Trivium

Favorite Deathcore band: Bring Me the Horizon

Favorite Metalcore band: As I Lay Dying

Favorite Melodic Death Metal band: Scar Symmetry

Favorite Technical Death Metal band: Within the Ruins

Favorite Rock band: Breaking Benjamin

Favorite Alternative Rock band: LINKIN PARK

Favorite Classic rock band: Jimi Hendrix

Favorite Rap artist: Ludacris

Favorite Rap group: Styles of Beyond

Favorite R&B artist: John Legend

Favorite R&B group: Boyz II Men

Favorite Jazz musician: Chris Botti

Favorite Fusion artist: Lindsey Stirling

Favorite Pop band: Maroon 5

Favorite House artist: Deadmau5

Favorite Hardstyle artist: Ephixa

Favorite Dubstep artist: Datsik

Favorite Chillstep artist: Liquid Stranger

Favorite VG Remix artist: Stemage

Favorite Alternative group: Gorillaz

Favorite Lapfox artists: Furries in a Blender, Mayhem, The Quick Brown Fox, D-Mode-D, Jackal Queenston, Klippa, Darius, Eugene, PSURG Sound Team, Adraen, Renard, Kitcaliber, Truxton, NegaRen, Kitsune2


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A Unicycle Built for Two

Vent journal.
23/06/2017 17:34
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*Insert Meme Here

Yo dawg, I heard you liked updates so I got you an update for your update. It's about time to start updating some current characters and finally get around to fleshing out some of the new ideas I've had floating around. So expect more activity, like a schizophrenic meth addict going ghost hunting.
10/06/2017 21:21


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Alok-Dilon Ey

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Floyd Filly posted to Hiroshi Kai

07/11/2017 17:15

Duo Theus posted to Hiroshi Kai

06/01/2017 02:13

~squeaks~ Thanks for all the faves mate

Hiroshi Kai · 06/01/2017 21:51 · 1 Reply

Lmao, any time.

Duo Theus · 07/01/2017 07:22

~nods and slaps butt~

Duo Theus posted to Hiroshi Kai

25/12/2016 15:58

Thanks for the fave mate

Hiroshi Kai · 25/12/2016 16:12

Any time my friend ♥

Ylveerax posted to Hiroshi Kai

16/12/2016 11:36

Yo, thanks for the fave, you're awesome! 

Hiroshi Kai · 16/12/2016 18:29

Lmao, so are you! 

HowSplendid posted to Hiroshi Kai

16/12/2016 04:31

thanks a lot for the fav!

Hiroshi Kai · 16/12/2016 08:00

Lol, any time. 

Duo Theus posted to Hiroshi Kai

15/12/2016 19:13

Thanks for the fave mate

Hiroshi Kai · 15/12/2016 23:02 · 1 Reply

Any time my friend :D 

Duo Theus · 16/12/2016 14:37


Stirling_The_Corgi posted to Hiroshi Kai

12/11/2016 00:17

Thanks for the fave.

Hiroshi Kai · 12/11/2016 01:02

You're very welcome! 

Ylveerax posted to Hiroshi Kai

27/10/2016 12:06

Hey thanks for the fave and the watch! You're awesome! 

Hiroshi Kai · 27/10/2016 19:47

Hehe, no problem. You're not so bad yourself X3 

Ylveerax · 28/10/2016 02:47

Aw, you 

HowSplendid posted to Hiroshi Kai

24/10/2016 22:53

thanks a lot for the fav!

Hiroshi Kai · 24/10/2016 22:56

That was fast, you're welcome XD. I really like Caroline  

HowSplendid · 24/10/2016 22:59


glad you like her, please feel free to follow if you wish to see more!

Floyd Filly posted to Hiroshi Kai

20/10/2016 00:38

Here is my idea of how we'll get to know each other:

For me.

Real name: Lynnae. 

Age: 12. 

Gender: female. 

Fursona: lioness Lee. 

Hiroshi Kai · 20/10/2016 00:40

Lmao, well I already knew all that but it's still nice to get it direct from you. 

Floyd Filly · 20/10/2016 00:42

You're welcome. My brithday was in June (I'm a Gemini).

Hiroshi Kai · 20/10/2016 00:46

I guess I'll have to make another reply since I can't seem to edit the other one. I'm not that comfortable with giving out my real name in public, but I'll tell you that my initials are P.J. and that's what everyone calls me. I'm 28 years old, male, Capricorn. You should know my fursona is Hiroshi Kai, because that's also my account name! Either way, it's very nice to formally meet you *He bows to you and smiles 

Floyd Filly · 20/10/2016 00:48 · 1 Reply

I thought you were a girl. Sorry for that thought.

Hiroshi Kai · 20/10/2016 00:49

Lmfao, it's ok. I use female avatars a lot, so that's understandable. No offense taken :p 

Floyd Filly · 20/10/2016 00:51 · 1 Reply

Okay. I am nowhere becoming a teen now.

Hiroshi Kai · 20/10/2016 00:53

Um, not sure what you meant by that but ok XD 

Floyd Filly · 20/10/2016 21:19

I'm 12. Which is close to 13. I'm still a kid to myself.

Karpish posted to Hiroshi Kai

07/10/2016 16:29

D= Please don't feel underappreciated... I-I appreciate you! Your tips on fursona making really helped me out a lot! I feel bad for waiting this long to thank you for that. You were actually the most helpful to me and I'm really grateful! You haven't even been in this fandom long and your already so helpful! So please keep your chin up! I hope you have a better day!

Hiroshi Kai · 07/10/2016 17:20

Thanks for at least saying something, it is better late than never. It's not the fault of anyone in particular that I f got to feeling thay way, it just seemed to me thay I get no constructive criticism for as much as I give out. I know it may not be asked for most of the time, but I just like to see everyone live out their full potential. We're both apparently huge Pokemon fans, so I thought I actually had a good basis for wanting to help. I've had to come up with everything from scratch, so my own intuition is all I had to go on. 

Ghostie posted to Hiroshi Kai

25/08/2016 14:53

Thanks for the fav ♥  

Hiroshi Kai · 26/08/2016 02:09

You're very welcome X3 ♥ 

Snack posted to Hiroshi Kai

29/07/2016 05:05

hey thanks for the fave! X3

Hiroshi Kai · 29/07/2016 16:28

You're very welcome! :3 

Ghostie posted to Hiroshi Kai

10/07/2016 19:43

Thanks for the fav ♥ 

Hiroshi Kai · 10/07/2016 22:23

Oh you're very welcome :p 

Tundra posted to Hiroshi Kai

10/07/2016 15:39

Thanks for the sub ^∆^ i subbed back. Have a great rest of day/night!! :3

Hiroshi Kai · 10/07/2016 20:19 · 1 Reply

I see that, thanks a lot! You seemed like my kind of person, message me if ya need someone to chat with ok? :3 

Tundra · 11/07/2016 05:43

Ok!  ^-^ i wont hesitate to! :D

Floyd Filly posted to Hiroshi Kai

04/07/2016 15:16

Thank you for subscribing!!

Hiroshi Kai · 05/07/2016 04:55

You're welcome! 

Darkwing Merduck posted to Hiroshi Kai

02/07/2016 13:36

Thanks for the fave! :D

Hiroshi Kai · 02/07/2016 16:04

No problem! 

Kai posted to Hiroshi Kai

01/07/2016 06:19

I know you is sleeping, but I just felt like saying that I love you baby :3 

Hiroshi Kai · 01/07/2016 14:28

Aw, thanks so much baby! I love you too :3

Ghostie posted to Hiroshi Kai

30/06/2016 14:17

Heyo! thanks for the fav ♥ 

Hiroshi Kai · 30/06/2016 16:20

No problem! It's definitely my kind of art, I love felines, twintails, and ears! So that kinda covers all of it, if you consider those tips to be like ponytails. Which I do XD 

: GRIM : posted to Hiroshi Kai

29/06/2016 16:25

Bring Me The Horizon & As I Lay Dying. Good choices. :3

Hiroshi Kai · 29/06/2016 18:32 · 1 Reply

Thanks! Those are just a few of the many I listen to, I have a hard time choosing favorites so I had to put something.

: GRIM : · 29/06/2016 18:48

I can relate. Also, thanks for the sub!

Kinaj posted to Hiroshi Kai

27/06/2016 10:20

Hello and welcome on my subscriber-list :3

Hiroshi Kai · 27/06/2016 14:08 · 3 Replies

Hey there, I read your latest journal entry and it broke my heart. I hate to see someone with such talent wanting to leave for a while but I understand. Your works have a certain charm to them, that's what made me check out more and brought us here. That and I really like feral stuff featuring dogs too!

Kinaj · 27/06/2016 15:42

Yeah, I doubt this won't be the last time. However, this time it went over pretty fast thanks to that rant journal and the help of certain people.
Glad you enjoy my art. Don't expect to see that end anywhere near in the future ;3

Hiroshi Kai · 27/06/2016 17:40

That's great to hear, keep on keeping on then! This place needs all the diversity it can get, though there's no short supply of that. I try to keep an open mind because every style, artist, and idea has its merit in one way or another. And I'm always here to help in any way I can, so you know where to go if you get to feeling that way again.

Kinaj · 27/06/2016 18:43

Alright. And thank you. I will try to keep that in mind^^

JeanQuinn posted to Hiroshi Kai

26/06/2016 16:14

Hey Thanks for the sub! I'm not terribly active here so please check out my FA for regular updates  if it's not too much trouble c:


Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 19:57

I'm not that active either, especially when I don't have wifi at home. I don't have an FA account, but I'll gladly check out your stuff. 

Duo Theus posted to Hiroshi Kai

25/06/2016 16:42

Thanks for the subscription mate

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 19:29 · 21 Replies

No problem man, I was reading your latest journal post and wanted to say something but I decided against it because I can't really help you with your situation. It broke my heart nonetheless, I hate to see someone in your condition but unfortunately I've seen it before. I wish I could do something, I live too far away and am too broke to donate or else I would. I hope things get better for you though, you've got my support. Nobody deserves to be treated that way, you seem like a great person that just needs to be near people who actually care about you. I know it seems unusual for a random stranger to care about someone they don't even know, but I can tell you were honest about it. That's something we need more of. Anyways, I wish you luck in life and I'm here if you need someone to talk to.

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 01:11

So affection erections hu? ~giggles and pets~ youre quite the fun one yes yes yes

Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 01:17

Yes, unfortunately. It is a gift and a curse. I've never had I happen in person, but my fiancé is the only one I actually enjoy it happening with. I've had an awkward role playing instance with a former friend, it was very uncomfortable for the both of us. My dick may not make that distinction, but I certainly do. 

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 01:22

It happens, but some like it, others dont, lucky to have someone though to share such fun with yes yes yes

Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 01:26

Oh yes, by all means have your fun! I can still appreciate the sentiment, I just may not return it as such. And did someone say fun? FUN!? *Transforms into Pinkie Pie and multiplies. Fun? Fun? Fun? 

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 06:07

~slaps pink butt and sighs~ But its not fun if you cant have fun back

Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 06:26

Well that's what I'm trying to do, I can always pretend I guess. But where's the fun in that? :3 

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 06:27

Yeah, though makes me feel incredibly lonely as I dont have such things to share with someone special

Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 06:32

Awww, that's no good :(. The only reason I can't share the fun with you as much as I'd like to is my someone special. Not everyone shares our views on things like that, but at least I understand the desire. 

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 06:39

I understand, but still makes me wish I had someone special. One gets so tired of being so alone, especially in situations like this

Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 07:02

I know the feeling, believe it or not. I was once in your position in a way, though not quite as bad. It does get lonely, even for someone who prefers to be alone most of the time. Online I'm pretty much the complete opposite of my real self. At least as far as being outgoing is concerned.

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 07:31

I dont even know who I am anymore I feel a lot

Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 07:43

I just recently went through a phase in my life where I felt the same way. But spending time thinking about it really only made it worse, it wasn't until I got back into the social scene and being with my fiancé that I really rediscovered myself. I think if you find someone to connect with, you'll find the knowledge you seek. It works differently for everyone I guess. 

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 07:47

Problem is finding such people who want to be friends and money, and ugh, I hate my family, just aggravated very badly now

Hiroshi Kai · 26/06/2016 07:54

Hey, I'll be your friend as long as you want me to. I'm always here to listen, I never ignore a friend. I think I'm gonna try to get some sleep now, but you hang in there ok? Things will get better, I've only known you for a day and can already tell you're the kind of person I want to be around. Good night ye gentle dragon :p

Duo Theus · 26/06/2016 08:16

I should try for sleep too, this stress isnt good

Ty Wolvington! posted to Hiroshi Kai

23/06/2016 23:08

Greetings, my friend! Or should I say howl! Thank you for suscribing! I read that bio and ,I have to say, it is one the most detailed and bravest ones I've ever read! Bravo to you, my friend, for being so bold! Being a Furry doesn't make you weird, it makes you exciting! Yes, I ,too, am new to the Furry World! Felt it all my life, just kept it quiet! Until now, so you have a kindred spirit!

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 03:20 · 1 Reply

Howling back! You're watching Zootopia right now? Sonofab**ch! I JUST FINISHED WATCHING IT MYSELF!!!!! WOW!!!! We are like right there, friend!!! First time I saw Rarity-BAM! Fell in love! Pinkie Pie is cute, too, but Rarity....She's just a obnoxious one! Reminds me of Ty! Awesome!...So, what are you up to tonight?

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 03:34

Not really sure what I'll be doing after the movie, my fiancé just got back home so I'll probably be chatting with her and trying to find something to do. I was planning on trying to finish a MC skin before I decided to watch Zootopia instead, but I seem to be popular today hehe. 

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 03:43 · 1 Reply

Well, well! Always good to be popular! And don't ignore the other voice! Finish your skin and take care of your responsibilities. Ty will always be here! Woof!

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 03:49

Bah, I don't have the motivation to work on it right now. That's why I took a movie break in the first place. I did want to talk to you about role-playing, I'm extremely interested in doing that with you sometime if you'd have me. I think it would be interesting to join the police academy, or some other support role. I'm pretty rusty, and I've never done anything major like that before.

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 03:56 · 1 Reply

.....Excuse me while Ty does a backflip!....Really? Oh, the joy! ABSOLUTELY!!! I could totally do that with you....First question- which fursona would you want to play? M? F? A secret? I am open to everything! Only the SM( story master) would know( me!) and it would be something i work into the story, not clobber you with...So, please,...engage....I'm all ears...

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 04:08

Sorry about that, I was thinking about some things. I seem to be the complete opposite of Ty. I'm not really sure what I would want to RP as, I'd only play a female if it was the partner he wants. But I'll leave that to an actual female, I'd probably have to create another character to use. But I can play pretty much anything to suit your needs. 

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 04:02

where'd you go?

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 04:04

Awww.......*Ty's ears droop....*

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 04:14 · 2 Replies

You can play whatever makes you comfortable. Ty can play off females or males. You read his bio. Personally, be a girl! A strong willed one. Smack him in the face if he gets rowdy. All about respect!

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 04:21

I guess I could do that, I was planning on being a fox either way but something tells me old Ty wouldn't mind a foxy female to gawk at XD 

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 04:22

I would probably have to have another character to use though, as my female fox Kyubi would be a bit TOO strong-willed for him...  

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 04:24

Good move! So, creating the character? I'm sure you have lovely ideas. Don't have to do it now...

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 04:25 · 1 Reply

Japanese? Interesting...

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 04:27

Yeeeeeeah no, you don't want her. Trust me XD 

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 04:57 · 1 Reply

Hey! Sorry for the delay...Ok, you create one. Cool! My puppa is knocking me off of this now, so we will have to continue tomorrow. If you can, create that character and tomorrow night, we can start a session. Something light. An introduction. Give them a little background. It will be fun. Ok? gotta go....Smooches!

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 05:03

Sorry for my delay as well, dealing with a massive sinus headache. I'll see what I can do to make something up, just know that I do things at my own pace. But I'll try my best, given that my anxiety doesn't kick in between now and then 

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 05:08 · 1 Reply

If it means anything, you are already aces in my book! Be well! Ciao!

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 15:59

Thanks man, that means a lot to someone who bases his whole life on what others think of him. I'm trying to change that, it's a lot harder than I thought. 

I lost. · 25/06/2016 12:30

I'm gone for like 17 hours and you guys fill my notification box x3 

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 12:35 · 1 Reply

...Sorry. Didn't mean to help fill your box....

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 14:02

It actually causes mine to glitch out when it gets full, this site is not very mobile-friendly :( 

I lost. · 25/06/2016 14:05 · 1 Reply

It might just be client side 

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 14:06

It probably is, I just need a new phone severely. But it's the only way I have to access the site :( 

I lost. · 25/06/2016 14:09 · 1 Reply

Sucks xP 

Hiroshi Kai · 25/06/2016 14:12

And that's my only major gripe about the site so far, I've had nothing but technical issues since I started using it. I know it's probably on my end, but it's extremely frustrating. I can't even put descriptions on any of my characters because the editor never loads. It works for any other text boxes that require it though. I don't get it. 

Ty Wolvington! · 25/06/2016 14:13

Yeah! (As Ty stands behind the crow and acts all important ) You tell 'em!

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