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A Unicycle Built for Two

Published: 23/06/2017 17:34

I know i haven't been part of the furry fandom as long as many here, but I do notice trends. For a fandom so focused on free expression and harmony, I often feel drowned out by a sea of individualism. No matter how hard I try to just be myself and help others, I rarely see it returned. It may just be in my head, but it seems that furries are more isolated than ever. It's understandable to a certain extent, with all the crazy stuff going on in the world nowadays. It seems no matter how hard you try to stand out or be helpful, it goes unappreciated most of the time. People seem to forget how much impact a simple word of thanks or any response at all can make. I know people are busy, especially artists, but you can't forget the ones who offer encouragement. I know I may not be as talented as many here, but it shouldn't matter as much as it seems to. It seems to take a lot to get noticed around here, so please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Wynter Rayne · 24/06/2017 00:13 · 1 Reply

It's funny as I've kinda noticed that too.  at least in my little neck of the woods it seems like "What can you do for me? Nothing? Then beat it!" The fact that so many in this fandom seem to like taking help but it is a rare bird that will give it is a little annoying and maybe even a little disturbing.

All I know I can do is be there for my friends.  Note I chose the word "Friends" carefully as being a part of the fandom these past 4 years has proven one thing to me.  Not all that is furry is friendly.

The advice of my old basket ball coach comes to mind.  He caught on that I was getting hung up on where everyone else is and said "worry about what you can control"  I can't control people being mean, or even isolationist.  I can however listen to my friends even when I don't agree with them because "A man who knows only his side of the argument, knows very little of even that." - John Stewart Mill

By all means feel free to use me as a venting post there friendo.  There are still a few of us out there that give a damn

Hiroshi Kai · 24/06/2017 02:57

I'm just glad I'm not the only one noticing this, it means a lot to someone like me who tries to be a people pleaser and wants everyone to like me. And yes, I agree that you shouldn't be worried about how everyone perceives you but it's just nice to get appreciated for what you try to do. That being said, I have limited data and no Wi-Fi at home or else I'd watch every single one of your streams. I try to support everyone in any way I can but it's hard given my situation. On a side note, I'm sick of my friends wanting me to try a new game and I always keep an open mind & show effort. Then when I want them to play something in return, most don't show much effort or they simply give up without even exploring it fully. It makes you lose faith, and yes I realize that not all games will appeal to everyone but I think it helps a friendship to show effort and support. Anyways, I really love all that you do and your personality, etc. You can always count on me to be there just as you are for me.

Jiblits · 24/06/2017 01:34 · 1 Reply

For the most part, if anything, share & show what you like & know 🙂 Anything, even among the smaller know fandom of furry, the "mainstream" is still just that. You can pander to types & all that, but those you can learn to trust will come in time. The things I see in this, like so many others, are a buncha truths, only true to a certain degree. It's only meant to look so inviting. Among this fandom especially, blending is usually left at the door. Afterward, "being a standout" or "special/one of a kind" seems to overcome most. So, again, to a personal level, if I can be so bold as to say, try to find your nitch among the groups. Even on different sites, the mentality can usually be pegged 90% accurately at face value. The phycology doesn't really change much, jus the age gaps & what comes from them depending on different sites/groups. Among them all, acceptance is offered at varying levels.  So remember, don't be afraid to offer the first move, as many mentally wouldn't, or feel they can't. Friendship usually follows if a response is mustered.  Jus keep tryin!

Hope that helps any 😸 If it did, great, if not, sry 😋 Words only do so much 😝

Hiroshi Kai · 24/06/2017 03:13

I agree, pandering only gets you so far. I haven't really found my niche yet, but I have limitations that prevent me from fulfilling my goals completely. Maybe it's mostly myself limiting, but I'm the kind that craves feedback so the fact that you chose to reply means a great deal. I want to find my place here, hence my experimentation with many different backgrounds with my characters. I can never seem to get the damn editor to load for anything other than the short descriptions or extra attributes so I haven't added any background story for most of them. I think that if I can actually complete something, then people will see that I'm a good writer. And I wish I could dredge up some of my old poetry from my broken laptop, so maybe I'll have to publish some new stuff. I don't look to be accepted by EVERY SINGLE furry, because I know tastes vary wildly. I simply want what everyone here wants: to be loved for who I am, and not shunned for being weird. I embrace that fact, and you're right in saying that words only mean so much. It's the sentiment behind them that counts, and I've learned to sense that even in text from a stranger over the internet. And you seem to be a kindred spirit just like everyone else who has commented here. I do appreciate you too, all this has helped a lot.

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