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Artist Type: Improving Artist

HollowedForestCreations is ran by Thorne and Ormarr the Drizkes!

We welcome you to our cozy den where our business thrives

We are always open to commissions and most of our items start at $5 and go up from there.

We want to provide the best valued service to those who buy from us and we are both free lance artists trying to make our way into the world. We want to share our growing talents with anyone and everyone.

We have our very own species the Drizkes, which information on them can be found in our journal on FA: All About Drizkes!

October 3rd is our opening day! Come and join us for great sales and a few raffles on various pages/sites! We hope to see you here!

We have a facebook group for our business and Species, feel free to come and join us! Drizke Hangout!

Here are some more links to our other pages! Come Join us there as well: Links to other pages

For Commission Price List please click this link ----> Price List

| Commissions: Open | Art Trades: Please Ask |

We do accept tips at paypal: xxoni.ookamixx@gmail.com


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Traditional Commissions: OPEN!

Hollowed Forest Creations is gladly re-opening commissions after our long break through the summer. Our commissions are still limited to Traditional medias until further notice in late August or early September. We are glad to announce though that for the month of July to September any order plac...
24/07/2016 21:34

Closing Commissions

I am closing all in coming commissions from May 1, 2016 to July 2016 (not sure when I will open back up in July). This is due to needing to focus on final exams for college classes, moving with my mate, and some other various things. I hate closing commissions as it is my only source of income, ...
21/04/2016 20:44


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14/04/2016 10:42


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