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Hey furs, I am really needing the money to be able to pay for moving costs, as well as continue to care for my puppers ( I have two). I am offering a large amount of art for one price! 

Price before shipping: $50- $75

A bundle of the following choices (one from each category)

Choose one large item:
-11x14in stretched canvas painting (acrylic)
-Small scarf of one solid color (if wanting 2 colors please get a quote)

Choose two items from this list (cannot be the same item)
- Badge with lamination and simple shading
-Full body w/ simple background and possible some shading
-Pinup w/ shading

Choose one small item:
-Small badge w/ lamination
-Tail badge w/ lamination
-one lineart either feral or anthro

I do accept add-ons! Please get a quote first though!
Shipping is NOT included, shipping should be around +$17.99 for two-three day shipping.

I am also doing a Large traditional bundle that starts at $150, for details on what comes with it/options, please feel free to ask!

Please feel free to send me a note, or email me at HollowedForestCreations[at]gmail.com

For more examples of my work please go to: furaffinity.net/user/hollowedforestcreations

-All Characters belong to their rightful owners! DO NOT USE!

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