Hoot the Griffin is feeling Artistic
Artist Type: Digital Artist

✿ Female♀|Cancer|INFJ ✿

My name's Hoot! I draw, travel, have fun, and do animal related shenanigans.
I love my friends a lot, you know exactly who you are.
I don't take kindly to bull pie, so I can be blunt, but I'm generally kind and friendly! Or try to be.

My commisions are currently CLOSED
I'd prefer communicating through email if you want to make an inquiry about a major commission (commissionhoot@gmail.com).
Trades are a MAYBE
Requests are a RARELY

I attend conventions regularly and the next one I will be attending is Midwest Furfest 2015

then Further Confusion 2016!


ALL of my characters and information regarding them:http://toyhou.se/Hootaloo/characters


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Just wanted to say I appreciate the folks watching me here, both new and old! Other than that, I'm finding some glitches on the site here and there and would love to know where I can report them. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the feel of this place a lot already and I hope it thrives!
07/09/2015 18:06


sorry I did not think they'd all go through at once lol. mass uploading jeezzzz.
07/09/2015 04:13


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Roo posted to Hoot

09/09/2015 00:13

oh thanks for subbing hoot ;o; STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW THIS WORKS but your tweets about this place had me give it a try so CHEERS

Meesh posted to Hoot

08/09/2015 01:16

Wow how'd you find me so fast? I literally just joined

Hoot · 08/09/2015 04:10

I have eyes in the most unsuspecting of places...

Hoot · 08/09/2015 04:10

 No I saw YA on the new members list XD

Meesh · 08/09/2015 04:51

ohh, cool beans. Yer an eagle eye

KermodeBear · 09/09/2015 19:02

Good to see you here, Hoot!

Littlelark posted to Hoot

07/09/2015 14:51

Hey Hoot welcome to Furiffic

Hoot · 07/09/2015 16:52

Thank you! enjoying it here so far :)

Venu Shade posted to Hoot

07/09/2015 11:00

I'm so gla I saw your tweet about this site! I'm already loving it!

Hoot · 07/09/2015 16:53

Yea it's really interesting thus far! I hope it improves and such :>

Moonshot posted to Hoot

07/09/2015 07:02

thanks for faving .D.

Martista posted to Hoot

07/09/2015 04:42

oh my gosh! I love your art style! ♥ Instant subscribe  ^-^ Can't wait to see more from you.

Hoot · 07/09/2015 06:45

 thank you♥33 I'm still trying to get the hang of this but I'm definitely hoping to post more often here!