Hopefalls the Okapi
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Anyway just here to check out other art sites :) I am open for commissions so feel free to contact me! :)


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Species: sphinx
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Hopefalls posted

11/12/2013 17:07

Yea, thank you! :)

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Hopefalls

30/11/2013 22:06

umm as for the NSFW stuff, i see 2 that are mature and 2 that are adult, but each are dups, umm strange one, ill look into it a little more

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Hopefalls

30/11/2013 22:01

haha ya plenty of work ahead but will be worth it, so feel free to spread it to people you know, cus each bit of feedback helps =:3

also sorry for the delay, i havnt got replies on profile comments yet, so dont atually get notified of a comment unless its my own profile.

Hopefalls posted

26/11/2013 02:03

That is awesome! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! :)

Also, I had a quick question. I posted a few NSFW mature content pics and it says I have 8 submissions but I only see 4? Did I do something wrong? Or is there a setting somewhere?

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Hopefalls

25/11/2013 17:05

no problem =:3 and im glad you do, i want to get everyones feedback *wags*

hehe awesome, will probably be doing a new layout for the profile pages, which i will be posting a preview soon.

thankies, a few things to come are, journel type system, artist/comission system(marking thing you will, wont, possibly will do), artist search, and then on to mobile app then desktop application for pc and mac. so ya few things set for in the future =:3

Hopefalls posted

23/11/2013 17:58

Ah thank you! So far I am really liking it :)

I was told about this site by a friend :) I really like the layout! Its simple and yet fun!

Great job so far! Can't wait to see what else you guys will do :)

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Hopefalls

23/11/2013 08:25

heya there, ive added the species Okapi on the development site and will be live in the next few days.
how are you finding the site so far?

Atalanta posted to Hopefalls

23/11/2013 02:28


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