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I am an upstart furry writer who loves to express all the finer things about story evolution through RP or sharing my habitual writings with anyone who will read them.


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Horticulture the Jakal

Male · Jackal · Bisexual · Aries
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Hort
He's well built but not incredibly ripped. His fur is of average length and is soft with no curls...
20/05/2016 23:12


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Bran posted to Hort

08/09/2016 15:43

I miss my Horty QnQ

Bran posted to Hort

13/06/2016 06:39

Oh Horty~~ I gots a story for ya if you need something to write :3

Hort · 14/06/2016 04:58

Yeah sure. Pitch it my man.

Bran · 14/06/2016 05:07

Ive got two characters that a story needs to be written about. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Bran · 14/06/2016 06:29

Dr. Jekyll is a psychologist. Shes super nice and kind and caring. She worked really hard to get where she is. Meanwhile, Hyde is a criminal. Nothing super major. Hes stolen cars, mugged a person or two, shoplifted. Petty crimes. No matter how hard the police try, he cant ve caught. Hes too slippery and smart for them. Finally, Dr. Jekyll gets a hold of his case files and backstory and determines that he needs help, so she decides to hunt him down and try to help him. Its not a romance or anything cool like that, but its the story of Dr. Jekyll pursuing the elusive Hyde, occasionally catching him and trying to talk to him, but he always vanishes. In the end, she finally gets to him and forces him to talk to her. Sappy stuff sappy stuff, then boom, Hyde gets arrested and Jekyll defends him, and he gets out. Happy ending yay

Hort · 14/06/2016 15:34

Hmmmm. Sounds like an ultimate friendship story to me. C: I'm gonna get started and see where it takes me. Thanks for the suggestion also Tangent!!

Ty Wolvington! posted to Hort

01/06/2016 01:39

You rock! See ya!!!!

Hort · 01/06/2016 11:49

Thanks man. I'm on my way home then I'm gonna take a hella nap.

Man-Spider · 04/06/2016 00:21

Thanks for the comment! Also, you have an awesome fursona! Jackals are way cool and really underappreciated.

Man-Spider · 04/06/2016 00:22

Sorry meant this to be a comment not a reply.

Hort · 04/06/2016 02:10

Thanks man-spider. If an animal can be a pack or a loner it deserves to be recognized.

Ty Wolvington! · 04/06/2016 02:17

HHHHOOOOWWWWLLLL! Hort! You crazy bastard! 

Ty Wolvington! · 04/06/2016 02:25

HORT!!!!! You there? If not, keep in touch! Tomorrow! Remember!

Ty Wolvington! · 05/06/2016 04:21

HOWL! HORT! You crazy Jak! Ty here! What's the night looking like for you, knucklehead?

Hort · 05/06/2016 05:11

Looks like getting called in for work .  :c tomorrow is my day off.  You free?

Ty Wolvington! · 05/06/2016 05:41

Howl, knucklehead! Yeah, I'll be free! Just howl at me, Jak!

Hort posted

21/05/2016 01:41

Anyone with suggestions for story/character ideas is welcome. I have no projects at the moment so anything is welcome.

Also if anyone has any tips or anything that I missed please let me know anyway you feel convenient.


Bran · 30/05/2016 17:12

Hi there! Like you, I used to be a writer. I've written lots of dumb little stories and whatnot, but most of them are lost to time.. I just wanted to say that if you ever need a character, hit me up and I can fill a slot with whatever you need, or you can just use any of my characters I make! If I come up with story ideas I'll tell you too. Best of luck on your writing!

Hort · 30/05/2016 18:48

Thank you very much my friend I will keep an eye out for anything from you. I definitely look forward to the RP currently happening. If I need anything I'll look for you. Have a beautiful day.

Ty Wolvington! · 18/08/2016 01:49

Howl, Hort! Ya crazy Jak! Ty hasn't forgot about you! Snarl when you can! Woof!

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