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His hair is naturally bright red, but with time has dyed black with his heritage to the chaos demon, as his body excretes ink, which in turn has dyed his scalp black, made him produce ink instead of saliva as well as his blood and any bodily liquids into ink. He was naturally born without humanoid arms, a proper face and the lower half of his legs. So on the day of his birth porcelain prosthetics were made to mask over his birth defects and hide his heritage to the demons.
He spent his childhood alone in the heaven's library, taking care of it, sweeping up, caring for the books and polishing the statues that decorate the walls, his mother, Victoria, was rarely allowed to see him.
He stole the apple of knowledge and plummeted to Earth, but by doing so, his innocence was lost and he was aged, silvering parts of his hair.

He has been on the run ever since he took the apple of knowledge and plummeted to Earth.

His jumper has been the same since he was young, he's been patching it up to make it larger, thus it has messy stitching around the seams from picking and stitching back up to accommodate his new physique. His pants are from the elders, they gave him janitorial clothes, which he always took the pants off, sadly they never had the right size for his long slender body shape, thus they always look like 3/4 pants.
The long white piece of material is for two things, one, for cleaning his pens when he's done to avoid caking of ink on the nibs, for a more cleaner use for next time and two for his son, who will grab onto it and use it to keep up with Lib while walking and to hold onto something since he cannot reach Libs hand to hold.


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He is the former Librarian of the Ivory City's Library in the inner circle.

He was by proxy, the guard of the Garden which held the tree of Knowledge.

Now he is wanted and on the run.

Extra Details

This is a little all over the place. Since he is mentally unstable and can get thrown off to the deep end quite easily.
When he's in his stable mental state he is playful but also aware of what he's doing with the repercussions. He's playful like a child, but also keeps in mind that some people have boundaries in things, and tries to keep in those boundaries, but sometimes can exceed them without knowing from his lack of experience with others, from his lack of social skills gained from what happened during his childhood.

When he's a little manic, he forgets about those boundaries and just goes wild. He will act out like a child to fill in the gaps of his childhood that he missed. But this also means he has no personal space or social boundaries, so someone might get hurt.

Along side this, he's quite fragile, saying something cruel about him or those he really cares about, like for example Eddy, will make him go into a rage, due to his uncontrollable anger issue. Since no one told him really what to do in those situations, he tends to wait it out or try to get away before he explodes.

When he is crazy, he will feel compulsions to do or say things that a normal person wouldn't, like for example he feels the compulsion to eat other people, which in all the other states, with the exceptions of anger, he wouldn't act upon, but in this state he is more likely to do so, if not guaranteed. He will be extremely playful to the point of violence, he will find pleasure from other peoples pain.

He's also quite the masochistic. Normal things wont bring him down in pain, but more rather pleasure.
Pain like paper cuts or having his prosthetics taken away will render him helpless.

He has a curse, which is closely linked to his psyche, which lets his body change to a large beast. Depending on what emotion caused the change, will depend on whether he has clarity of mind.


2.13 Meters · 6 Feet, 11.85 Inches


102.06Kg · 16 Stone, 1 Pound

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