Hraefn the Raven
Artist Type: Writer


-Name: Hraefn (H-ray-fen) Corbeaux (Core-Bow)
Hraefn = From the Old English spelling
and pronunciation of "Raven"
Corbeaux = french for raven

-Age: 28 (always matching my own,
thus subject to change)

-Species: Common Raven

-Sexuality: Bi-sexual with slight female preference

-Gender: Male

-Eyes: Light Brown

-Height: 6 Ft. Even

-Weight: 100 Lbs. Of ULTRA-Light Streamlined Lithe Agile Muscle (Honey Comb Bone Structure For Lightweight strength)

-Wingspan: 12 Ft.

-Occupation: Poet and Writer of
neo-classical poetry gothic horror
and romance, macabre horror,
mystery, occult, dark fantasy,
abstract dark poetry, surreal,
Etc. A spiritual "student" of
Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allan Poe,
and H.P. Lovecraft.

-Personality: Quiet, solitary,
contemplative, highly philisophical
and poetic, highly perceptive and
intuitive with an inquisitive and
curious nature inate in all corvids.
Always seeking knowledge in all
it's forms. Naturally wise yet
also distant and reserved. Like all
Corvids, easily taken with "shiny"
things, thus his silver adorned

(most of his traits are my own.
He is essentially ME in anthro
form, as the raven is my totem as
well as my favorite animal.)

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Poet and Writer of
neo-classical poetry gothic horror
and romance, macabre horror,
mystery, occult, dark fantasy,
abstract dark poetry, surreal,
Etc. A spiritual "student" of
Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allan Poe,
and H.P. Lovecraft. Rare Book Dealer.


diagol "dia" feles

Relationship Friend, Room Mate, Fuck Buddy,
Transgender · Cat · Bisexual · Leo
Role-playing Yes
Sassy, loud, obnoxious, in your face, unapologetic, blunt, fun loving, a natural born prankster a...
25/05/2016 16:50

godiva kalos

Relationship Friend, Co-Worker, Room Mate, Fuck Buddy,
Female · Cat · Heterosexual · Libra
Role-playing Yes
A classy, eloquent, highly sophisticated, well cultured, educated, world travelled, highly intell...
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Extra Details

*Hraefn is well versed in the arcane arts. He is an expert demonologist, exorcist, seer capable of viewing beyond the 'veil' and into the
spiritual realm, communicate with the dead, astral project. skim thoughts and emotions, utilize 'spiritual armor', instinctive protective
enchantments, and continually adds to a vast collection of arcane artifacts and ancient books. His PRIMARY occupation being a rare book dealer
specializing in ANCIENT texts. He also is VERY knowledgeable in the fields of Celtic mythology/spiritualism, and native american tribal
spiritualism. Both being relevant to his colorful ancestry.

*Hraefn was born in Central Florida. Specifically in the city of Orlando but was raised in the historical small town of St. Cloud. He is of mixed ethnicity / cultural background. Being equal parts brought up as a proud southern rebel and gentleman and actually brought by both his hard working mother as well as his adoptive father figure who was a Minnesota born former outlaw biker during his time as a young man in Arizona. A kind hearted, sly joker and prankster of a jolly, stout and round coyote named Scott. Who was a constant father figure in Hraefn's life until the blackbird was a teenager and the family had already moved to South Texas. Losing his battle with alcoholism and leaving the family without warning. Feeling he was doing them a favor. This makes Hraefn's parental figures an interspecies couple. His biological mother being a raven and his adoptive father being a coyote. South Texas is where the second half of the blackbird's cultural and ethnic background originates. His grandmother being a chihuahuan raven of mexican ancesty with substantial native mexican nahuatl blood. Being partially raised by this grandmother imbued Hraefn with a strong sense of mexican and chicano culture as well and effectively makes him part nahuatl native mexican as well as chihuahuan raven, though he lacks the trademarked white neck feathers of this sub-species. After reaching adulthood and finding success as a published writer, Hraefn settled down in the island east coastal city of Murdmouth Florida. In it's historic downtown district. He established a used book dealership in one of the ancient gothic buildings. Purchasing the building so that he could use the upper floor as his personal home. In time he would come to meet both Dia and later Godiva. Who would both come to live with him and be constant friends and mutual lovers with a deep and powerful bond.*


1.83 Meters · 6 Feet, 0.04 Inches


45.36Kg · 7 Stone, 2 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Thin, Lithe, Agile, Limber,


Scrawny yet Toned

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