Hraefn the Raven
Artist Type: Writer


-Name: Diagol (Dee-uh-goal) 'Dia' Feles 
Diagol = Old english for 'secret' 
Feles = Latin for cat

-Age: 26 (always two years younger than Hraefn)

-Species: Domestic Black Cat

-Sexuality: 50/50 Bi-sexual

-Gender: Shemale

-Eyes: Emerald

-Height: 5 Ft. 9 In.

-Weight: 139 Lbs. Of Lithe Toned AGILE Muscle

-Occupation: Hostess/Dancer/Bartender at a LGBT strip club.

-Personality: Naughty, raunchy, kinky, slutty, shameless, bold, open minded, intelligent, perceptive, blunt/direct, tough as nails, street wise, fun loving, joking, party animal, and a complete nymphomaniac who is pretty much always horny. Despite her wild and rambunctious nature however, she is VERY well read and surprisingly cultured. Engaging in philisophical conversations with Hraefn QUITE often. Although they often veer off into perverse territory by her own direction. 

-Physical Description: Tall, statuesque, limber, nimble, flawlessly toned with wide hips and a supple, round heart shaped rump, perky D cup breasts, long silky locks dyed a neon red/pink, piercing, smoldering bedroom eyes of emerald, ANGELIC, GORGEOUS feminine facial features with plump pouty lips, various piercings including a naval stud, a lip stud, two nose bridge piercings, four barbells per ear, barbells in each nipple, a prince albert and a barbell through the scrotum. All silver. She also always wears a silver toe ring on her second toe on her right foot paw and her pinky toe on her left footpaw. She favors VERY skimpy and scandalously revealing clothing and is an at home nudist who prefers to go nude whenever the oppurtunity presents itself. When forced to cover up it's usually a punk affair. Shredded band tees, mesh shirt over a lace bra, exposed g-strings and low slung sagging shredded jeans or micro mini skirts, knee high stockings, elbow length gloves, ratty leather jackets, various chains, leather bracelets and assorted necklaces. 

-Adult Info: This kitty packs a MASSIVE ten inches of hotly throbbing wet meat in the form of a fleshy pink absurdly thick feline shaft with a tapered tip and small crown of rubbery barbs. She has a pair of VERY low hanging, insanely hefty orange sized jewels in a fuzzy scrotum. Even more productive than Hraefn in terms of ejaculation. Fully capable of painting the blackbird WHITE. When it comes to kinks this kitty loves just about everything. Her tops are BDSM, domination AND submission in equal measures, cock worship, ball sucking / Ball play, deepthroating / skull fucking, titty fucks, paw jobs, facials, bukkake, cum swallowing, hotdogging, anal / ass play, spanking, cum marking, cock slapping, FILTHY talk, public sex, public nudity, pet play, tea bagging, frottage, etc. She is a FULL switch. LOVING to both FUCK and BE FUCKED. One of her GREATEST pleasures is to be taken from behind while she fucks a woman. Something VERY rare for her before Godiva moved in. 

Favourite Food

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Hostess, dancer, and stripping bartender at a lewd, loud LGBT themed neon lit strip club named "The Paradise Lost" which side skirts traditional rules and regulations thanks to an illegitimate relationship between the the owner, the plump, curvaceous BBW of a snow white husky, Mistress Vera and the local authorities. Meaning the performers here are more than free to engage in VERY hands on activities with the guests. Sending cum and cunt juice flying every which way.~


hraefn corbeaux

Relationship Friend, Room Mate, Fuck Buddy,
Male · Raven · Bisexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
24/05/2016 20:10

godiva kalos

Relationship Friend, Room Mate, Fuck Buddy,
Female · Cat · Heterosexual · Libra
Role-playing Yes
A classy, eloquent, highly sophisticated, well cultured, educated, world travelled, highly intell...
25/05/2016 17:28 · 6 Comments

Extra Details

*Dia is a relatively new friend to Hraefn. Having answered his ad for a MUCH needed roommate. With a shared love of music, philosophy and literature as well as a potent mutual attraction they hit it off right away. Fastly becoming the closest of friends, and after accidentally walking in on the sexy feline and discovering her endowment, ravenously carnal, insatiable fuckbuddies.~ Near opposites in numerous ways, they somehow click. Making for one HELL of a duo.~
It's an arrangement that has proven QUITE mutually beneficial. Providing Hraefn with some much needed fun, distraction and companionship, and the kitty with a daily supply of fresh hot cream.~


1.75 Meters · 5 Feet, 8.89 Inches


63.5Kg · 9 Stone, 13.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Slim, Curvaceous, Hourglass


Thin, lanky, toned, defined

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Sassy, loud, obnoxious, in your face, unapologetic, blunt, fun loving, a natural born prankster and party girl. A totally shameless nymphomaniac and bi-sexual slut. Hates clothes and goes naked whenever possible. Proud of her lewd, adulterated nature.

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  • 20


  • Created: 25/05/2016 16:50
  • Updated: 8 months ago


Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

No macro/micro, watersports, scat, vore, cub, rape, violence, hyper, inflation, cumflation, cock vore, unbirthing, necrophilia, copywrited characters or anything similar to what's been mentioned here. I prefer BDSM, vanilla, and bi sex with me as the dominant partner. Kinks include cock and ball worship, deepthroating/face fucking, ball sucking, cum facials and bukkake, cock slapping, titty fucking, vaginal, anal, and light to moderate and MAYBE heavy BDSM with a love of slave and pet play and bondage.

*Dia likes to both Dom AND sub.*