Hraefn the Raven
Artist Type: Writer


-Name: Jacob DeGato
(This is not his birth name but rather a pen name chosen for personal reasons.
The surname being quite literally spanish for "The Cat" and the given name coming from the name his parents almost gave him at birth.)

-Age: (always matching my own,
thus subject to change)

-Species: A "Jaggar" Part black jaguar, part cougar.

-Sexuality: Bi-sexual with slight female preference

-Gender: Male

-Eyes: Piercing Green

-Height: 6 Ft. Even

-Weight: 170 Lbs. Of Lithe Agile Lean Muscle

-Occupation: Poet and Writer of
spiritual / tribal works,
tribal poetry, horror and
romance,mystery, occult, fantasy,
Fond of historical pieces with
fanciful twists. HEAVILY based
in tribal mythology. Adventure
stories etc.

-Personality: Quiet, solitary,
contemplative, highly philosophical
and poetic, highly perceptive and
intuitive with an inquisitive and
curious nature innate in all felines.
Always seeking knowledge in all
it's forms. Naturally wise yet
also distant and reserved.
Prefers a more organic, primal
and natural existence. Loves nature.
Not fond of cities.

(most of his traits are my own.
He is essentially ME in anthro
form, as the black panther/jaguar
is my "Journey totem" as
well as one of my favorite
animals. He is a hybrid of
jaguar and cougar to reflect
my own mixed heritage of
Aztec / Nahuatl Native Mexican and south
eastern United States, swamp dwelling
"rebel." With cougars symbollically
representing north america and jaguars
representing mexico, though truly, both
species can be found in mexico.)

*Note: Jacob is knowledgeable in the spiritual and mystic arts, fitting with his tribal nature.*

-Physical Description: Anthropomorphic male panther. A hybrid between a black (melanistic) jagua and a Cougar. Affectionately dubbed a "Jaggar." (Yes many joke questions about if he has the "moves like Jagger" abound.) Stands at 6' 0" tall. Of light, agile, flexible and toned athletic build with the body of a runner / gymnast owing to his feline anatomy and unique blend of mountain lion / jungle cat traits. He exhibits rare melanistic black fur. His bone structure closely resembles that of a cougar, especially in his skull, while he exhibits SOME spots from his jaguar blood over his body but not on his face which maintains a distinctly more cougar (albeit black furred) profile. Has long silky shoulder length hair as black as his fur. His eyes are a piercing, glowing jungle green. Possesses digitigrade feet and feral feline legs. Has a long agile tail to help him keep his balance. FEARSOME razor sharp retractable claws and deadly fangs. Prefers more rugged and loose clothing owing to his outdoorsy tribal nature. Anything that lets him move, run and climb easily. His hunting / stalking instincts insist on dark shades to blend in better. He's not shy about leaving his chest exposed and often wears opened button ups and shredded pants. IF he's forced to dress more conservatively he will wear a closed button up (top buttons undone of course) and a pair of UN-RIPPED jeans or slacks but that is the best one can hope for with him. His left ear is pierced and holds a single black raven feather. He wears on a leather cord around his neck, an ancient obsidian arrowhead that was recovered from the ruins of the once great Aztec city of Tenochtitlan in present day Mexico city.


-Occupation: Poet and Writer of
spiritual / tribal works,
tribal poetry, horror and
romance,mystery, occult, fantasy,
Fond of historical pieces with
fanciful twists. HEAVILY based
in tribal mythology. Adventure
stories etc.


sizani vissen

Relationship Best Friend, Room Mate, Co-Worker, Fuck Buddy, Pet, Lover,
Female · Lion · Bisexual · Leo
Role-playing Yes
28/12/2016 14:34

Extra Details

-Adult Info: Jacob has a barbed, pointed feline shaft that is a decent seven inches when erect but is EXCEPTIONALLY thick and remains in his sheath when not aroused. It is a fleshy pink. He has a pair of low hanging VERY hefty kiwi sized testicles in a furry scrotum as well and is known for his truly INCREDIBLE 'productivity' when he climaxes. He's a decently kinky kitty with a deep love of BDSM, cock worship, deep-throating, ball sucking, ball play, anal, titty fucks, facials, bukkake, cum marking, pet play, domination, paw-jobs, SOME degree of exhibitionism/public sex and other such taboo acts, as well as LOVING, sweet, sentimental, vanilla love making. He's a FULL dom with male female and intersex partners. MILDLY curious about one day experimenting with playing the part of a sub but otherwise VERY cemented in this regard.

*Jacob is well versed in the spiritual arts. He is an expert spirit walker, seer capable of viewing beyond the 'veil' and into the
spiritual realm, can communicate with the dead, skim thoughts and emotions, utilize 'spiritual armor', instinctive protective
enchantments, and continually adds to a vast collection of mystical artifacts and ancient books. His PRIMARY occupation being a rare book dealer specializing in ANCIENT texts. He also is VERY knowledgeable in the fields of native Mexican and American tribal spiritualism.

*Jacob is multilingual. Being fluent in English and Spanish as well as SOME Nahuatl though he still has much to learn. He has studied the ways of his tribal ancestors and is an accomplished tracker, hunter and outdoor survivalist and 'modern primitive.' He NEVER goes anywhere without his trusty hand forged high carbon steel 5" blade, bone handled hunting knife worn on his belt on a hand sewn leather sheath and entirely crafted by a local Seminole blacksmith from recovered / recycled materials. When camping / outdoors he also carries a hand crafted high carbon steel headed spike-back Seminole style tomahawk made by the very same blacksmith. He is an expert with both weapons / tools and a competent archer with a traditional bow though he far more strongly favors a modern high powered hunting crossbow and melee weapons in general. He proves far more adept with a tomahawk and spear. He has an extensive collection of tribal weaponry both new and ancient and works as a tribal historian determined to preserve tribal culture. Although not a member of the Seminole tribe, having grown up in the rural swamps of central Florida has endeared Jacob to the people and the culture. Growing to view both his native swamp-lands and the distant south Texas deserts and east central Mexico as his "ancestral" homes. Two halves of what makes up his whole self.


1.83 Meters · 6 Feet, 0.04 Inches


77.12Kg · 12 Stone, 2.02 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

agile, athletic, flexible


Thin, Toned,

Extra Attributes

-Jacob works as a rare book dealer and runs a shop out of the heart of the historic downtown area of his remote, beautiful Central Florida swamp town of "Hachunchuba." It's a gorgeous antiquated two story building. The lower floor is the shop, packed to bursting wall to wall with endless books of all ages from all corners of the earth. Above the shop is his residence. A Spacious and homey upper floor that is beautifully rustic and cozy. Walls lined with tribal artwork, numerous tribal knives, bows, tomahawks, Atlatl's, macuahuitl's, spears, shields etc. a fire place, rustic animal skin rugs and furniture, and walls of books. He is also a highly successful published author with numerous works of fiction, primarily in the horror and fantasy genres, as well as books of poetry, philosophy and tribal spiritualism. In his own time he is also a spiritualist and tribal historian as well as an outspoken advocate for native rights.

-Jacob's grandmother is a full blooded Mexican American whose species is that of a jaguar. While his great grandfather (His grandmother's father) was a Mexican blooded cougar / puma (whose range includes central america as well as north america.) His grandfather was of mixed scottish / english ancestry and his species was a scottish wildcat. His mother inherited her mother's jaguar species and Jacob's father (who was a deeply troubled alcoholic and drug addict who abandoned the family when Jacob was a toddler) was a mixed irish / english blooded british wild cat species. Jacob's brother inherited the cougar species by genetic luck of the draw, it being a recessive gene while Jacob was born with quite the rare mix of both cougar and jaguar as well as melanism giving him black fur. All coming from his mexican bloodline. His uncle is a jaguar and his aunt is a scottisdh wildcat. (The gentics of this world being such that hybrids are rare and when they do appear it is only with two animals that could realistically create a hybrid in the "real" world. Most of the time children are born as either one parent's species or the other...with only parents that are BOTH mammals or BOTH reptiles, avians, fish, etc. able to have children. Essentially egg layers vs. live birth.) Every member of his extended family is one manner of feline or another with their species a reflection of their ethnic heritage.

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