Hraefn the Raven
Artist Type: Writer


-Name: Sizani Vissen

(Sih-Zahn-Ee / Viss-Inn)

Sizani = Zulu Girl's name meaning: "Be Advantageous"

Vissen = Afrikaans (Dutch) Surname

-Age: (always three years younger than Jacob)

-Species: South African Lioness

-Sexuality: Bi-sexual With Heavy Male Preference.
Does love playing with girls in threesomes and group sex however.

-Gender: Female

-Eyes: Piercing Yellow / Gold

-Height: 6 Ft. 6 In.

-Weight: 190 Lbs. Of Pure Female Muscle.

-Occupation: Clerk / Shop Hand at Jacob's book store.
Formerly body piercer, bouncer, stripper, nude model, amateur porn star.
(The latter 2 she still does for extra cash on the side as well as fun.)

-Personality: Highly intelligent, brutally honest and blunt. Has no filter between her mind and her mouth. Says what she thinks and what she feels. Loathes political correctness and people who are easily offended or spineless. Despises those who are fake, 2 dimensional, average and boring / dull. Short fused and very quick to anger. Acts more like testosterone juiced male than a female. Very lewd, crude and unapologetic. ALWAYS NSFW and has no "PG" setting. Hardcore ALL the time. A true punk at heart raised on punk rock music and culture. Anti-Authoritarian, borderline anarchist. Does not know how to speak a single sentence without cursing. Bitchy, sarcastic, never serious. Loves to be the one in charge. Profoundly loyal to those she cares about. Best bodyguard you could ever hope to have. Excellent though highly perverted and hopelessly immature sense of humor. Loves violence and fighting. Loves partying, drinking and rocking out. Remarkably well educated and cultured. Loves to read as well as drown herself in movies, cartoons, comics, music and video games.

-Physical Description: Tall, statuesque, primal, raw, deadly, beautiful. She is a massive giantess of a female. A towering mountain of rippling female muscle. Perfectly chiseled and terrifyingly powerful. FAR bulkier and thicker than the nimble, agile and lithe Jacob. She's descended from powerful tribal lioness' on her mother's side. (Her father being an urbanized, more domestic breed of lion of Dutch / European origin.) Her facial features are as gorgeous as a supermodel but with a slight masculine edge. A primal predatory touch that only adds to the sexiness. Her eyes are piercing gold and her face is adorned in silver piercings. A silver barbell through each eyebrow, a lip stud, two earrings per ear, barbell pierced nipples, a naval piercing and a barbell pierced clitoris. Her breasts are a round, perky and full DD Cup breasts. (Although she NEVER wears a bra or panties for that matter.) Her head fur is trimmed into a LONG Mohawked strip that she has dyed a brightblood red. (Naturally a slightly darker tawny color than her fur) which she ties into a ponytail and spikes the rest into a classic punk Mohawk. She is very curvaceous despite her rippling muscles with sexy wide hips and a thick, juicy, jiggling round ass and deliciously thick, powerful thighs and large sexy foot-pawsies. She always wears literally as LITTLE as legally possible. Often a see thru tube top with electrical tape pasties over her nipples, low hanging baggy pants / shorts that exposes her dyed red pubic fluff, some sleeveless open shirt and not much else. Her wardrobe does change around. Usually punk inspired with black being predominant. When more coverage IS needed she will opt for ratty old punk band tees and wear her pants higher. ALWAYS wears her black leather collar, corded necklace and silver ring necklace. The ring is very important to her. It was her mother's.

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Clerk / Shop Hand at Jacob's book store. 
Formerly body piercer, bouncer, stripper, nude model, amateur porn star. 
(The latter 2 she still does for extra cash on the side as well as fun.) 


jacob degato

Relationship Best Friend, Fuckbuddy, Boss, Lover, Master
Male · Jaguar / cougar hybrid · Bisexual · Gemini
Role-playing Yes
25/12/2016 15:48

Extra Details

-Adult Info: A clinically diagnosed nymphomaniac with a sex drive surpassing most males. A true nudist and exhibitionist who abhors clothing and therefore only wears them when required by law. Even then usually opting for as LITTLE as legally possible to get away with. It is a common sight to see her with her blood red dyed pubic fur peeking out over her insanely low slung pants and a see thru top with electrical pasties BARELY sensoring her pierced nipples. She is a Dom by necessity since she has HIGH standards in a potential "master." Standards she has never had met until meeting Jacob. She finds most males are simply too weak...both in body and in mind / spirit in order for her to willingly submit to them. She naturally leans towards dominant tendencies and loves to be in control and in charge. More often opting to take what she wants from Jacob than play the submissive. But she has taken a stronger liking to the sub role when it comes to the Jaggar. So not a true switch but one by pure definition of the word. She is a true exhibitionist and REALLY gets off on being watched when she's being naughty. For this reason she still makes extra cash as a nude webcam model. Often pulling Jacob into her shows. She also does nude modelling, and records her own sex videos alone and with Jacob to sell online on her own amateur porn website with a decidedly "alt punk girl / dominatrix" theme to it. Referring to herself as "Mistress Sizani." Her solo content usually consisting of masturbation / toy shows with liberal squirting, and public exhibitionism, flashing, masturbating, nudity, etc. Her biggest kinks are, exhibitionism, face sitting, cock sucking, ball sucking, titty fucking, deep-throating / skull fucking, cock slapping, cum marking, cum facials, bukkake, cum swallowing, cock worship, master / pet play and extreme hardcore BDSM (with her as the dominatrix by default) , orgasm denial, squirting, hotdogging, (foot)pawjobs, anal, cream-pies, cock milking, glory-holes, etc. She has a cum obsession and cannot get enough of it. Loving the texture, smell, and taste. Gulping it down and even orgasming just from being plastered with it. Jacob produces more cum than any other man she's ever met so she is in PARADISE with him. Often selfishly milking him dry. She is a squirter known for her impossible volume. Able to squirt multiple times in a row and shoot her pussy cream clear across the bedroom onto the far wall. She often employs this ability in her videos. Particularly loving to go out in public in a skirt with no panties and masturbate, squirting unsuspecting people from a distance and getting it on film without being caught. Has an extensive collection of sex toys. Easily enough to fill an entire sex shop...


1.98 Meters · 6 Feet, 5.95 Inches


86.18Kg · 13 Stone, 7.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Lithe, Agile



Extra Attributes

*Sizani was born in South Africa to a lioness Zulu Tribe mother and a domestic feline Dutch Afrikaans Father. Her father fled with her to America when she was still a toddler after her mother was killed in a tribal conflict. The tribe wishing to kill her mother and father for marrying. (Against the tribe's wishes who were hostile against the Afrikaans people.) Her father is an accomplished conservationist. His work saw the pair traveling quite a bit including to numerous protected Native American lands and reservations as part of her father's work. This instilled in Sizani a deep love for nature that had been seeded as a child. As an independent adult she set out on a backpacking trip through various states. While stopped in central Florida near a Seminole reservation, she wandered into Jacob's bookshop and met the enigmatic, sexy and charming hybrid panther of mixed meso-american and scotch-english heritage. She became enamored...quickly bedding him only to find she didn't want him to be another one night stand. A genuine friendship and (at first) platonic love blossomed and she opted to stay. Being offered a job working in his shop and living with him upstairs in his apartment. The two have since become inseparable. Their odd relationship defies normal definition. They are friends with benefits / fuck-buddies, co-workers, Master and Pet, best friends, and lovers (open relationship.) No single definition seems to do...and that's just fine with them.*

*Aside from amateur porn, nude modeling, and cam modeling, Sizani is an aspiring singer / songwriter. Something she pulls the skilled writer / lyricist and Poet Jacob into as well from time to time.*

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