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Artist Type: Writer


-Name: Kedge Laveer
(Pronounced: Ked-Jj / Luh-Veer)
Kedge = Nautical term for a small anchor used to keep a boat steady. Symbolic as he is percieved as passive and insignificant or "small" but serves as a powerful emotional anchor for those who love and depend upon him and has great emotional strength. / Laveer = Nautical term for sailing against the wind. Deeply symbolic as it sums up his defiant, steadfast, headstrong nature and southern rebel devil may care attitude. Both names together also symbolize a yin and yang balance. Which is his core philosophy and belief. BALANCE in all things. Kedge being anchored and secure and Laveer being reckless abandonment. Sailing into the wind.)

-Age: 28 (always matching my own,
thus subject to change)

-Species: Shortfin Mako Shark

-Sexuality: Bi-sexual with slight female preference

-Gender: Male

-Eyes: Piercing Yellow Green

-Height: 6 Ft. Even

-Weight: 170 Lbs.

-Personality: Quiet, solitary,
contemplative, highly philisophical
and poetic, highly perceptive and
intuitive with an inquisitive and
curious nature. Always seeking
knowledge in all it's forms.
Naturally wise yet also distant
and reserved. Prefers a heavily aquatic
existence. Loves nature. Loves "the blue."
Not fond of cities. Favored waters
are the caribbean.

(most of his traits are my own.
He is essentially ME in anthro
form, as the shark
is my "Shadow Totem" as
well as one of my favorite
animals. He is a reflection
of my Florida upbringhing and
close relationship with the
ocean and love, fear and respect
for it's creatures and mysteries.
He also represents my inner sea
faring swashbuckling romantic adventurer
and wannabe pirate.)

-Physical Description: Anthropomorphic male Shortfin Mako Shark. A 6' 0" tall sleek, lithe, EXTREMELY streamlined and graceful, toned hydrodynamic body that cuts through water. A deep grayish blue color with a cream colored underside, razor sharp claws on hands and digitigrade feet. A long powerful finned tail, a dorsal fin on the back of the head, gills on the neck, razor sharp teeth that come in rows like a feral shark's. Piercing yellow-green eyes (yes he can roll them back in his kills at parties...) long black hair that hangs past his chin. Cut on the sides in an almost mohawk fashion. Hair is different from mammalian hair. It does not absorb water and get heavy or weighted down by it. rather, water just glides off it's surface with ease. has sharp, angular features of incrtedible beauty and stoic grace. Dorsal fin has a notch take out of it fron an accident when he was younger. Cutting it badly on a piece of metal while exploring a ship wreck. No visible ears just like feral sharks. Like feral sharks he has their exceptional senses, strength and cartiligous skeletal structure. Has electroreception allowing him to detect the electrical impulses given off by living things.Can also detect the most minute of vibrations and read the earth's magnetic field for built in biological GPS navigation. Like feral sharks his sense of hearing is strongest, followed closely by smell. For underwater vision is nearly useless. Underwater is a world of SOUND not sight.

-Adult Info: Unlike feral sharks he has a genital slit more akin to aquatic mammals like Cetaceans with the addition of external testicles in a smooth low hanging QUITE full and heavy sack. Containing a pair of balls akin to small kiwis and FULL of a several cups of cum per load. His genital slit contains a seven inch prehensile, tapered cock he can control at will. Including spiralling it and curving up during sex to tease at his partner's G-Spot for maximum pleasure. It's as thick as a beer bottle at the base tapering down towards the tip and it a fleshy soft pink in color.

-Kedge works as a novelist, writer, occasioanl photo and literary journalist, freelance diver, occasional salvage diver and aquatic explorer and adventurer. Delighting in mapping the sea floor and aiding in marine conservation in ANY way he can. Funding efforts and assisting himself with his limited influence and finances. He lives on a TINY private island in the Florida Keys. His home is a state of the art beachside home located on top of the water with a sub-aquatic level that he lives in complete with a gorgeous view of the water and it's own gated wet pool for him to dive into the waters. It's peaceful and isolated.

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Writer and poet. Known for
his work as a horror author usually specializing
in deep sea Lovecraftian themed Cthulhu / Dagon /
Deep Ones / Elder Gods horror. Also writes pirate /
nautical adventure, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells inspired deep sea sci-fi,
aquatic atlantean inspired fantasy, some nonfiction books
concerning research topics of interest like marine conservation
and biology, pirate history, sea myths, legends, superstitions and tales
as well as sea mysteries and unexplained supernatural phenomena Etc.
He also enjoys recreational diving, occasional salvage work and aquatic exploration
and photography / research. (when tagging along with experienced teams of course as he's
a writer, occasional photo journalist and diver. Not a biologist or scientist.
(His favorite author of ALL time is H.P. Lovecraft. Especially his Cthulhu Mythos.)

Extra Details

*Note: Kedge is knowledgable in the spiritual and mystic arts, especially where sea deities, beleifs, mysticism and legends are concerned.*

*Kedge is well versed in the spiritual arts and occult. He also is VERY knowledgeable in the fields of native american tribal spiritualism and is himself of mixed cherokee / creek, aztec mexican and scots-welsh heritage. He also grew up surrounded by Florida Seminole culture.

*Kedge is multilingual. Being fluent in english and spanish. (Spanish being commonly spoke in the state and around the caribbean.)


1.83 Meters · 6 Feet, 0.04 Inches


77.11Kg · 12 Stone, 1.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Hydro-Dynamic, Sleek,


Toned, Lithe, Slim,

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