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-Name: Kaikala "K.K." Keikoa
(Kaikala = Pronounced: Kai-Call-Uh - Hawaiian female name meaning "The Sea and the Sun" / Keikoa - Pronounced: Kay-Koh-Uh - Hawaiian Surname meaning Ke-"The" Koa-"Warrior")

-Age: (always two years younger than Kedge)

-Species: Bottle-nose Dolphin

-Sexuality: Bisexual With Strong Male Preference

-Gender: Female

-Eyes: Ocean Blue

-Height: 5 Ft. 9 In.

-Weight: 144 Lbs. Of Lithe Toned Limber Muscle

-Occupation: Marine Biologist, Marine conservationist, (Co-Authored books on the subject with Kedge.)

-Personality: Friendly, sociable, open, curious, fiercely intelligent, cunning, naturally seductive, a tomboy, surfer punk, tough, passionate, loyal, tenacious, strong willed, stubborn, creative minded yet logical and realistic, responsible and level headed.

-Physical Description: A 5' 9" tall, lithe, streamlined, limber, HIGHLY flexible and agile hydrodynamic body with sleek, smooth dark greyish blue skin and a creamy white underbelly. Piercing ocean blue eyes, long perfectly shaped gorgeous facial features with just the right touch of slight androgyny, thick eyeliner, asymmetrically cut chin-length black hair dyed seaweed green with the left half of the head shaved smooth. Large very perky E cup breasts. Wide shapely hips. A VERY thick jiggly round rump, powerfully toned muscles and thick thighs. A strong finned tail, a blowhole just over her forehead and a dorsal fin on her back. Like feral dolphins she can hold her breath for up to ten minutes at a time. Also like feral dolphins she can echo-locate and echo-communicate. Natural ability and training allows her to communicate with feral cetaceans. Knowing full well their intellect is on par with anthros. She favors utilitarian, functional clothing and can most often be seen in cargo pants worn over a green bikini with an unbuttoned shirt.

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Marine Biologist, Marine conservationist, (Co-Authored books on the subject with Kedge.)

Extra Details

*Kaikala or "K.K." as she's known to close friends and family, was born and raised in Kahoolawe Hawaii (the smallest inhabited island) in a very peaceful and rural fishing community of traditional polynesian people. Her village was a floating one with house boats and walkways anchored together in the harbor. She grew up steeped in native culture and upon hitting her teens had her rebellious phase where she became obsessed with the surfer culture. Travelling all over the islands for the best waves and shaping and adopting her future surfer punk rock tomboy aesthetic. Growing up she had never known what she wanted out of life until an emotionalyl devastating event in which she witnessed a mass beaching of feral dolphins and whales caused by experimental Navy sonar testing. devastated and outraged she organized protests and sought to ban the tests. Her cause was eventually able to successfully do so. Inspired and empowered she decided to study marine biology so she could work to better understand aquatic life, make new discoveries and most importantly help to conserve the oceans. Barely out of school and new to the adult world and her career in general she found herself a promising start with her first real job after completing her internship at a local Hawaiian oceanic institute. A job at a brand new facility in the Florida keys. It is here where she QUITE randomly stumbles upon Kedge. Unkowingly carrying out her first field assignment tagging feral sharks, off the coast of the Mako's private key. While in the water helping to untie and release a paricularly large and distresse tigershark (since someone NEEDS to be in the water to ensure the animal is not too fatigued and makes a safe return to the depths) her inexperience causes a lapse in focus that almost proves quite dangerous as the shark makes a move to bite her leg. Having been on a recreational morning dive, Kedge notices the disturbance and swoops in to distract the shark before bouncing himself off it's nose and grabbing it's dorsal fin and letting it tow him away from the boat before he dismounts. Thoroughly impressed by the display and more than a little attracted to the sexy shirtless mako, she and her team profusely thank him and make introductions. He's polite but curt. His introverted nature showing as he waves off any mention of his own name saying he's simply a local resident who thought he'd offer his assistance. As he leaves K.K. cannot help but wonder if she'd ever see him again when a week later while she is in Miamihaving playing a tourist and getting a feel for the area, stumbles upon the mako giving a book signing in a local book shop! She stands in line to talk to him with a smirk. Surprised and impressed to see he is something of a local celebrity. She picks up a copy of his book. The latest in a horror series with a cover depicting a nightmare inducing Lovecraftian deep sea edlritch horror dragging a boat and it's crew down into the abyss. She coyly asks him for a signed copy and he responds shyly in kind. Only after she turns to walk away does she notice his contact information beneath the signature and his refeffering to her as "Shark Chum." Something that would become a playful nickname. Weeks pass and K.K. has no luck finding an affordable apartment on her salary. She ponders nuying and living in a house boat and mentions all this to Kedge who has become a fast friend and considerable help. Her being fascinated with his adventures, stories and experience as a rec and salvage diver. Even working with him on conservation efforts and mentioning she'd like to co-write a book with him one day. He decides to invite her to stay with him on his private key if she wants as he's been lonely of late and loves her company. She enthusiastically agrees. Finding his incredible facility to be a perfect research base as well. Of course...sexual tension that had been building since their first meeting quickly boils over and he is pleased to find she is an absolute hardcore fetish freak on a LEASH in the bedroom. A wonderful friends with benefits relationship QUICKLY blossoms with hints at deeper romance cropping up more and more often.


1.75 Meters · 5 Feet, 8.89 Inches


65.77Kg · 10 Stone, 4.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Curvy, Graceful, Sleek,


Athletic, Toned, Muscular,

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