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-Name: Bessy "Blunder-Bess" Kohl
(earned the nickname "Blunder-Bess" as an MMA Fighter due to her EXPLOSIVE barrage of attacks. A pun on a "Blunder-Buss" Flintlock gun)

-Age: 31 (always three years older than Kedge)

-Species: Orca

-Sexuality: Bisexual 50 / 50

-Gender: Shemale

-Eyes: Sea Green-Height: 7 Ft. 0 In.

-Height: 7 Ft. 0 In.

-Weight: 309 Lbs. Of Solid Muscle

-Personality: Loud mouthed, wild, unpredictable, lewd, crude, rude, hot tempered, blunt, shameless, kinky, perverted, immature, childish, petty, funny, witty, intelligent, silly, goofy, cocky, confident, fun.

-Physical Description: A 7' 0" tall, mountain of walking olympian God-like muscle. A former world class fighter who maintains her intensive training regime even after retirement. Sculpted even further thanks to her career as a trophy winning pro surfer. Flawlessly chiseled muscles. Her facial features are tough and hardened yet have a seductive powerful femininity to them. Angular and chiseled like her body. her eyes are a piercing predatory sea green and her head contains a chipped dorsal fin coming from the back with her hair grown into a wild mohawk that's been dyed dual shades of dark blue with lighter blue hi-lights. She has a silver barbell style piercing through her right brow and a matching one through her naval. Her blowhole sits high above her forehead partially obscured by her wild hair. She tends to dress in highly revealing punk rock and surfer punk attire.

-Adult Info: She has wide sexy hips, a MASSIVE, FAT thick jiggly round ass and massive F cup breasts that look well proportioned on her 7 foot frame. Capped with thick luscious rost pink nipples with silver barbell piercings. Being a proud shemale she has a pair of hefty cum swollen balls the size of ripe mangos hanging in a smooth cream colored distended sack, with a genital slit housing her foot and a half long tapered fleshy pink prehensile cock. As thick as a wine bottle at the base and tapering down to a point. It's a mind blowing 13 inches long when fully hard and lovingly called "lucky 13."  Her scrotum is pierced with a silver barbell at it's base just beneath her genital slit and her cock has a matching one in the form of a prince albert piercing through her cum slit.

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Ex world champion MMA fighter (opted to fight in male class for a greater challenge) , Pro Surfer, Adult Film Actor.

Extra Details

*Bessy is a childhood friend of Kaikala's and grew up with the dolphin in Kahoolawe Hawaii in the same peaceful coastal community. She knew she was different from an early age and transitioned to a full shemale in her early teens with her parent's blessing. Going through hormone replacement therapy. She identifies as a woman but with her complete bisexuality and LOVE of using her gifted endowment on women, she's chosen to remain a shemale indefinitely. She was a friendly childhood surfing rival of Kaikala and passionately continued to do so even when she migrated towards a successful world champion career in mixed martial arts. However she would later make an early retirtement from the sport around the time Kaikala went to university for her doctorate's in marine biology, in order to pursue her greater passion of surfing full time and taking home quite a few trophies. It was during this time that she was scouted by an up and coming porn studio with an offer to star in some nautical themed adult films. She eagerly accepted and became an overnight sensation. starring as a well endowed pirate captain in a number of hilarious and sexy pirate film spoofs known as "The Captain HardCock Series." Known for her impossible volume and ability to cum multiple times in a single scene. She's kept in touch with Kaikala and met up with the dolphin for some fun...which has led to some sexual escapades as well as the two give into previously unconsumated mutual sexual tension from their teen years. This of course has led the orca to meeting Kedge as well who despite being overwhelmed and taken aback by the wild and crazy party girl of an orca has found her to be a good friend and an INCREDIBLE sexual partner. The orca even convincing the pair to film some videos with her on occasion.


2.13 Meters · 6 Feet, 11.85 Inches


140.61Kg · 22 Stone, 1.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Muscular, Thick, Heavy, strong


Built Like a Tank

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