Hraefn the Raven
Artist Type: Writer


-Name: Eron "Errant" Prose
(He was born given the name Eron 
as a child in the orphanage where he grew
up. His birth parents were a mystery so he 
had no last name. He was never adopted so he 
never had the chance to recieve one. He chose
to give himself the surname "Prose" because his'
greatest passion became writing. As he began to 
create a name for himself in the literary world
he earned the moniker / nickname "Errant Prose"
thanks to his controversial topics of discussion,
investigation, and perverse fascination. Such
as forbiddon knowledge, occultism, and dark arts.)

-Age: 28 (always matching my own,
thus subject to change)

-Species: Deep One, Formerly Human

-Sexuality: Bi-sexual with slight female preference

-Gender: Male

-Eyes: Piercing Neon Green

-Height: 6 Ft. Even

-Weight: 170 Lbs.

-Personality: Introverted, quiet, contemplative, highly gifted
intellect, creative, observant, cunning, philosophical, cynical,
sarcastic, blunt, direct, determined, loyal, tenacious, exceptional
emotional and mental fortitude, inquisitive, adaptive, witty, an outcast,
fascinated by the stange, bizarre, unknown, mysterious and extraordinary. 

(Most of his traits are my own. 
He is essentially ME in Lovecraft's 
Cthulhu Mythos / literary Universe. 
He represents my love for my home 
state of Florida and it's culture,
my love and respect for the works 
of H.P. Lovecraft and pulpy, tongue
in cheek, campy, horror comedy, horror
action and horror comics with heavy 
inspiration from Mike Mignola of
Hellboy fame.) 

*Note: The world in which Eron exists is a literary lover letter and homage to the 
works of in my opinion the greatest author to EVER live, the master and grandfather of 
all modern horror, H.P. Lovecraft. The tone of this universe is one of Lovecraftian darkness, 
eeriness, unknown horror and danger lifted right from the pages of his Cthulhu mythos, yet
counteracted by a cool sense of self referntial humor that shows it does not take itself
seriously. It balances lightheartedness and comedic moments with truly unnerving horror, 
terror and unexpectedly deep and disturbing writing borrowing from Lovecraft's own style. 
The era is purposefully timeless and vague with no specific year ever mentioned and technologies
and aesthetics from the 20's-30's, classic horror film 70's, the 80's-90's and beyond all mixed
together in a seamless timeless world that seems to exist outside of time and normal reality. 
Taking HEAVY inspiration from white wolf games classic world of darkness, sam raimi's evil dead, 
Mike Mignola's Hellboy, classic pulp horror comics and classic 70's horror films. It's a macabre 
pop cultural paradise with both serious storytelling and writing as well as wit and self referential
meta humor. Serious when it wants to be and goofy and fun when it wants to be. The parts of Lovecraft's 
works it borrows the most heavily from is the Cthulhu mythos. Utilizing locations, entities, creatures
and characters from these works such as Arkham, Innsmouth, the deep ones, the great old ones and the 
elder things. Focusing mainly on the aquatic deities, entities and creatures of the abyss.*

-Physical Description: Eron was originally a caucasian man of seemingly mixed celtic / native american ancestry. Though what exactly is unknown due to the mystery of who his parents were. He was gaunt, lean, tall and very pale. With long chiseled, angular features that were at once intimidating and stern with a perpetually furrowed, fierce brow and piercing naturally predatory dark green eyes and also hauntingly handsome and classically attractive. With chin length unruly straight dark brown hair. Typically having dressed in rumpled, disorderly black button ups and slacks with an unbuttoned vest, an opened and frayed collar and a loosely done up and limply hanging black tie. Upon his metamorphosis into a deep one his physical body was permanantly and drastically changed forever. His body was mutated into an "Ichthyo sapien." A hybrid between man and fish. In his case exhibiting traits of deep sea aquatic predators with a hide of THICK armored inky black scales, a domed head with large piercing neon green eyes designed to see in the lowest light levels under water, long head tendrils which are used as advanced tactile, resonance, olfactory and electro-sensory organs, finned ears of super human sensitivity fine tuned for pcking up on the faintest sounds under water, razor sharp serrated teeth, gills on the neck allowing him to breathe water indefinitely along with fully developed human lungs which are completely deflated when submerged to avoid harm when diving great depths, a streamlined body with incredible superhuman strength to allow effortless movement through water, finned forearms, webbed hands with razer sharp finger talons that can slice through steel, retractable bony deadly neurotoxin injecting barbs in forearms used as offensive and defensive weapons, finned and taloned feet, a long powerful thick tail for propulsion when swimming. Highly developed frontal lobe allows low level telepathy for basic communication while underwater though not the reading of minds or exerting control over minds. Does allow basic empathy though. Normally dresses in shredded / ripped up old pants and a black leather jacket turned vest with sleeves ripped off. Wears old and tattered clothing due to harsh conditions below the surface. Making it better to dress lightly and in clothing that is not cared for. He often wears a pair of tinted swimming goggles to protect his light sensitive eyes when on land and under daylight along with a black bandanna and a cloth arm band around his left bicep. He wears a black leather cord necklace and a shark tooth on another leather cord along with black leather bracelets. His left ear bears two silver ring piercings. 

-Adult Info: Posseses a genital slit with internal testes (to protect them from the extreme pressures and cold. Just like the testes of any fish or marine mammal) and an 8 inch tapered fleshy pink penis about as thick as a beer bottle that can be projected out from his slit. It is prehensile and designed with underwater mating in mind. 

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Freelance writer, novelist, occultist, 
poet, amateur journalist, investigator, theologist, 
and anthropologist.

Extra Details

*Eron was raised in an orphanage in a rural swamp town in Florida. He was found abandoned in a swamp with no documentation of his birth, no living family and no idea as to the identity of his parents. He was a quiet child who immediately displayed a near genius level intellect. Due to his troubled and dark background and his peculiar and "creepy" nature, he was never adopted. Being raised to legal adulthood in the quiet, rural town orphanage. He did not mind too much, teaching himself all he needed to know by readinmg every book he could get his hands on. It was this obsession with literature that led him to realize his greatest passion was writing. He was able to survive as a freelance journalist and writer in his own right. Slowly building a reputation for truly unsettling and disturbing horror stories as well as almost obsessive research into the occult. His obsession with uncovering his own origins led him to discover he is partially descended from a lost native american creek language tribe that had seemingly died out from the area. A very mysterious and feared swamp people said to be practiotioners of dark forbiddon arts worshipping ancient Gods feared by all who know of them. His research and a disturbing innate instinct...seems to lead him to a remote lost settlement in the glades where the last remnants of this never "civilized" tribe still remain. It is at this time the full truth of his origins becomes known. Fractured and buried memories...nightly visions of horror...all coming together to present an impossible, mind breaking earth shattering truth. Though they know him by another name, this tribe are worshippers of ancient water deities...presided over by Dagon... In a dark pact that predates that dark shadow over the port town of Innsmouth. Being the son of a deep one and a human father, Eron realizes he is beginning to change into a deep one in a permanent, irreversible metamorphosis. He at first settles into the swamp community of his newly discovered lost "family." Continuing his career as a faceless writer from his place of isolation while researching eldritch horrors and entities in a bid toi better understand this ancient and terrifying world and his place within it. Eventually his studies take him to the town of Innsmouth and other lands touched by Dagon and the Great Old Ones... He adopts a neutral position in the coming conflicts. Seeking only understanding and truth. Observing the worlds of the deep ones and man with perverse fascination and aprehension. Becoming more an investigator than ever previously even from his new existence in perpetual shadow. 


1.83 Meters · 6 Feet, 0.04 Inches


77.11Kg · 12 Stone, 1.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Slim, Streamlined, Agile,


Swimmer's Body

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