Hraefn the Raven
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-Name: Rivera "Vera" Vela

-Age: 44 (always 18 years older than Hraefn)

-Species: White Siberian Husky

-Sexuality: 50/50 Bi-sexual

-Gender: Female

-Eyes: Cold Steel Blue

-Height: 5 Ft. 7 In.

-Weight: 200 Lbs. Of Healthy THICC BBW Pudge

-Personality: Naughty, raunchy, kinky, slutty, shameless, bold, open minded, intelligent, perceptive, blunt/direct, tough as nails, street wise, fun loving, cunning, calculating, business minded, daring, motherly, and a complete nymphomaniac who is pretty much always horny. "Mama Vera" is also VERY well read and VERY cultured, classy, sophisticated, well spoken and eloquent. Engaging in philisophical conversations with her staff and friends QUITE often. Although they often veer off into perverse territory by her own direction, being the unsatiable horndog that she is.

-Physical Description: A thick, luscious, plump, curvaceous big beautiful woman. Rolling curves with thick thunder thighs, a fat, supple, round jiggalicious heart shaped booty, and MASSIVE L cup breasts. Despite being overweight her body is in PERFECT proportion, ensuring she always looks SEXY, gorgeous and perfectly healthy. Carries herself with a natural regal majesty and eloquent flair. Has piercing steely blue eyes, plump chocolate lips and flesh, wears thick black eyeliner and long flowing curls of snow white locks that cascade past her shoulders. Side cut with the left side of her head shorn down to the length of the rest of her fluffy snow white fur. Black paw pads and claws with a fluffy tail.

-Adult Info: Thick, luscious, HUGE "chocolate Hersheys kisses" nipples and equally dark chocolate colored pussy lips. Plump in ALL the right ways with the body of a ripened, matured MILF (despite not having any kids and in fact having had her tubes tied to serve her lust for endless sex.) Her massive mammaries naturally lactate. A trait of hers she cultivates and greatly admires. She's a nudist who LOATHES any and ALL clothing and refuses to ever wear more than a lovely designer leather trench coat or silk robe at MOST when absolutely necessary such as travelling in public. And even then she is always driven in her personal limo and shrugs the garment off as soon as she is within the mirror tinted vehicle. She is a shut in and lives in her private office / apartment suite on the top floor of her all night club. (closed during the day.) While in her property she is ALWAYS naked. Delighting in showing off her sexy body to any who care to look and bedding any and every employee of hers both male and female who WISH to show her a good time. Getting her "fix" for sex throughout the day and drinking fresh hot cum on tap just how she likes it. (Her favorite drink being a "white russian" with freshly pumped cum as her "cream.") She's a size queen with a special love for massive fat throbbing one to two foot (or bigger) horse cocks.

Zodiac: Libra

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Founder, Owner, and Manager of the "Paradise Lost" LGBT strip club and bar.

Extra Details

*Vera is the daughter of immigrants from Mexico. Having grown up poor and witnessing her loving father work himself to the bone to provide for her and her mother, she understands what it's like to have NOTHING. Her father was murdered by a local drug cartel when she was still a child. She later found it was because he had taken a loan from their leader in desperation in order to provide for his family. This planted within her a deep seeded hatred for the criminal element. Out of highschool Vera had no choice but to sell herself on the streets to survive. suffering under cruel pimps and gang bangers for years while she schemed and conned and saved to fight her way out of it. After losing her mother to an illness as a young adult, the young husky put herself through college and earned a degree in business. Having spent these years finding her identity (that of a sexaholic exhibitionist, nudist, thrill seeker and sexual deviant) she decided to open her own club in the heart of downtown Murdmouth Florida. (The same city Hraefn, Dia and Godiva call home. Located on a coastal island off northern Florida's east coast.) She decided to name her club "Paradise Lost" in a cheeky nod to the work by John Milton. An all inclusive LGBT club catering to men and women, straight, gay, bi and anything in between. The very first of it's kind. With an eye catching pink neon lit smoky dark interior and a color divide in the form of a black right half and a hot pink / red left half. the right side offering primarily female dancers and servers and the left offering primarily male dancers and servers. Each half having it's own bar and various tables, private booths, and VIP rooms. The main stage too is also divided down the center in this fashion. However their are times when both sides would have shared shows and interactions. (Dia bartends for the "dark side" as she calls it.) Vera can watch over her club through her security cameras and one way mirror observation window overhanging the main floor. Her lavish office and personal living quarters easily accessed via a security locked private elevator or stairwell. The club also caters to VIP clients who pay a monthloy membership to hold a silver, gold or platinum card each with varying perks. Only card holding member can engage in sexual acts with the dancers (and not all dancers are up for this. They must specifically choose to accept such work and it is their choice) with all members being routinely checked for STDS to ensure safety. It's highly regulated and enforced to keep all parties safe and happy. Vera was able to achieve this via numerous connections made throughout her younger years swindling on the streets. Being an ex prostitute and knowing how dangerous the sex industry is, she formed her dream of creating a loving, SAFE haven for sex workers. Protected by her, "Mama Vera" and kept out of harm's way. Side stepping laws by keeping friends on the force and in politics paid off and happy... Offering many platinum cards for free for their services... It proved effective. essentially eliminating the sex trade in the city. Regulating it all under her own roof. Vera became Dia's boss when the penniless kitty cat was desperately seeking work. Proving to be a well loved maternal figure and best friend for the black cat. This relationship has OF COURSE lead to the nympho husky meeting...and fucking Hraefn a number of times. Many of them being threeways with Dia. In appreciation for all he does for Dia by providing a home for the kitty cat and assisting her in keeping her own business safe and operational, Vera has gifted the raven a free, permanent platinum VIP card.


1.7 Meters · 5 Feet, 6.92 Inches


90.72Kg · 14 Stone, 4 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

Plump BBW


Curvy, Thick, Pudgy

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