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-Name: Aletea 'Al' Aguado
(Spanish names, Ah-lee-tay-uh = Honest / Blunt, Ag-wah-doh = Water)

-Age: (always one year younger than Kedge)

-Species: Tiger Shark

-Sexuality: Bisexual With Strong Male Preference

-Gender: Female

-Eyes: Yellow-Green

-Height: 6 Ft. 2 In.

-Weight: 175 Lbs. Of Lithe Yet Powerfully Toned Muscle

-Personality: Blunt, direct, no nonsense, in your face, crude, lewd, loud, hot headed, fiery, wild, uncontrollable, highly intelligent, opinionated, sarcastic, witty, joking, party girl, shameless, foul mouthed, irreverent, obscene, indecent, scandalous, wise beyond her years, highly observant and far more focused, intelligent and brilliant than her loud external demeanor would lead others to believe.  

-Physical Description: A 6' 2" tall, lithe, streamlined, POWERFULLY muscled body with sleek, smooth dark muddy reddish skin with lighter brownish tiger stripe markings. Piercing yellow-green eyes, long perfectly shaped gorgeous but tough, slightly masculine and edgy facial features with INTENSE narrow authoritative eyes. A mop of short almost cheek length lighter sandy brownish hair swept over one eye and the rest of the head shaved bald all the way around in a VERY high undercut. MASSIVE very perky H cup breasts. Wide shapely hips. A VERY thick jiggly round rump, powerfully toned muscles and thick thighs. A strong finned tail and a dorsal fin on her back with two long slender pointed ears. She is a walking tower of powerfully sculpted muscle with chiseled rock hard wash board abs she loves to show off, wide hips, tree trunk thick muscled thighs, a tight toned rump and massive biceps. She HATES clothing and likes to wear as little as legally possible. When at sea she insists on being completely nude. Even diving and filming nude when she is allowed to. When she HAS to cover up it's usually with her sheer white, MICRO sling bikini that BARELY covers her nipples and doesn't cover her massive areolas at all. Flossing her lady parts and leaving her pubic hair openly exposed. If she has to cover up any more than that, it's usually just a pair of cut off denim shorts that are so small and skimpy half her butt hangs out and the pockets are exposed. So tight they cannot be buttoned or zipped and she just holds them in place with a belt. She also wears a completely sheer, see thru black short sleeved button up shirt worn open to billow in the wind, both over her slingshot bikini.

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Adventurer, Thrill Seeker and Acclaimed, Award winning underwater photographer and film maker.
(Has worked on NUMEROUS documentaries and has come to know Kedge and K.K. thanks to them hiring her for their projects.)

Extra Details

-Adult Info: A perky, supple, massive and just so slightly saggy (thanks to their sheer weight)  pair of gorgeous H Cup breasts with lusciously thick light sandy tannish nipples. They are very sensitive and she can have a squirting orgasm if they are teased and played with just right. A matching pussy with an ABSURDLY tight love tunnel that is smooth to the touch and VERY sensitive. Her lips have some size to them though they aren't quite meat curtains. Just very pronounced spreadable petals. She's known to be QUITE the squealer. She's a sub / dom switch depending on if she thinks SHE is more tough than her partner or the other way around. With Kedge, she submits to him 7 times out of 10. Still liking to switch things up and take the wheel every now and then. She has an all consuming love for domination, bondage, Exhibitionism, voyeurism, public sex, aquatic sex, master and pet play, objectification (used as a fuck toy and cum dumpster) rough sex, cock worship, deep throating / skull fucking, facials, bukkake, cum swallowing, ball slurping / ball play, titty fucks, hotdogging, anal / assplay, BDSM, foot, and tail fucking. She is NEVER in the mood for vanilla / romantic sex. EVER. She LIVES for savage, frenzied, animalistic, sex crazed SLAM-FUCKINGS. She often loves to pursue a 'predator and prey' (with either Kedge or her doing the hunting) style BRUTAL, hardcore sloppy wet pussy SQUIRTING, SLAM-FUCKING session that leaves her so dazed she forgets her own name, what year it is or where she is.


1.88 Meters · 6 Feet, 2.01 Inches


79.4Kg · 12 Stone, 7.04 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type

Streamlined, Thin, Muscular


Lithe, Toned, Hydrodynamic

Extra Attributes

*Aletea was born and raised in a small coastal town in San Luis Potosi, central Mexico in the gulf. The daughter of a poor fisherman and his seamstress wife, they were poor but happy. Having no real chance at life due to her family's financial shortcomings, she joined her father on the fishing boat as soon as she was old enough to swim. Knowing full well her father wanted a son to help with the difficult labor, she grew into a tough as nails, muscle bound tomboy, going by 'Al' rather than her full name, Aletea. She grew to be well respected around the marina and the town. Known for being as vulgar, loud, obscene and WILD as any man. Out drinking them all and putting any would be "suitors" dumb enough to get handsy with her, to SLEEP with a savage right hook. She was happy yet not fully content. Feeling she lacked a direction or purpose in life. That was until she saw the work of an acclaimed underwater photographer in the form of a documentary on feral sharks seeking to raise awareness for their conservation. She was mesmerized and knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to be a film maker. Saving all of her meager earnings, she left for America with her parents' blessing. Against the odds, going to college and graduating with a degree in film and a foot in the door to working in the water. The jobs were slow at first but as her work began to speak for itself the demand for her grew higher and higher. Even if the crews who hired her found her to be frighteningly daring, adventurous and unpredictable. She would send as much money as she could spare back home to give her parents a better life. And eventually she took a job helping out a promising young marine biologist and conservationist by the name of Kaikala Keikoa. Meeting her and Kedge for the first time. She was stunned to find that she had SEEN the bull shark's books in spanish translated editions on store shelves in Mexico. She'd never read them, but was shocked to be in the presence of a "celebrity." She was even more shocked by how hot she found him... Flirting shamelessly throughout the job. Much to K.K.'s irritation. When it comes to a head one night, with 'Al' going TOO far in her inebriated state, (getting naked and revealing drunkenly, her nature as a nudist for the first time, and placing her feet in Kedge's crotch. Jerking him through his pants.) K.K. confronts her with the tiger shark asking simply if she was his mate. The flustered bottlenose has to explain she...kind Since their relationship is semi open. (only with very close and trusted friends.) The tiger shark chuckles at that and simply asks for the chance to become a trusted she can fuck them both. Speechless at such an offer, the bottlenose retreats. Thus began their unusual relationship. With the tiger shark surprising them after the job by simply...moving in with the simple and blunt explanation that she was being kicked out of current place and needed somewhere to crash. Kedge shrugs it off and relents as they do in fact have plenty of room. So long as she pays her fair share. The tiger shark eagerly agrees and in time slips into the role of his second mate. Playfully fighting with K.K. in a love / hate rivalry that's more playful than serious. Delighting in pushing the dolphin's buttons and getting under her skin. (particularly about the size of her tits. With 'Al' making fun of the fact that as a shark she should have small tits as is most common yet hers are massive and K.K. , a mammal, has smaller tits than her.)

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