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-Name: Thara (tah-rah, Thai given name meaning water or stream. Usually used to describe a tranquil nature. She does not use a given name as it is not traditional in Thai culture to have one and they were only legally required in the 20th century as the government modernized.)

-Age: (always three years younger than Jacob)

-Species: Malayan Golden Tiger

-Sexuality: 50/50 Bisexual

-Gender: Shemale / Trans / Dickgirl

-Eyes: Gold

-Height: 5 Ft. 10 In.

-Weight: 140 Lbs. Of Curvaceous Lithe Limber Muscle

-Occupation: Porn star working for Mama Burr specializing in shemale porn. Both dominating men and women alike as well as solo work and cam shows. She's a fan favorite which is how she came to meet and become best friends with Sizani.

-Personality: A very VERY mischievious jokester of a kitty who is always planning a prank or lewd act. She is VERY highly intelligent, determined and has insanely strong willpower. Having endured and fought through poverty, homelessness, selling her body on the streets to survive, and having the determination to make it out, finding her salvation through pornography and ultimately succeeding in her dream of immigrating to America to begin a successful professional porn and modelling career. She is VERY witty and cunning and a total extrovert. Loving to party and have a good time. She gets along with Sizani for this reason FAMOUSLY. Though Jacob can find the "double trouble" posed by the duo quite exhausting.

-Physical Description: A tall, statuesque beauty with the body of a sex goddess. FLAWLESSLY toned with a magnificently MASSIVE L cup bust, an hourglass figure with tantalizingly wide hips and a luscious, perky heart shaped rump. Her uncommonly MASSIVE breasts are incredibly all natural. (Unlike most trans females, she already had uncommonly high amount of estrogen even as a male. Making her look completely female and highly effeminate even before her transition. Thus her bust grew exponentially.) A long luxuriously fluffy, silky tail, dainty yet strong, sexy little foot-paws, fur of shining gold lined with darker sandy gold stripes. PIERCING golden eyes beset by heavy black eyeliner, angular, angelic features with plump pouty lips, a chin length asymetrically cut light golden hair in a bob cut. She prefers clothing that screams wild, sexy, flirty, scandalously erotic party girl. Preferring tight crop top tees with no bra, obscenely short cut offs shorts that are the same size as panties. Unable to be zipped up fully or buttoned and barely held in place with a belt. Often with her G-string's straps visible over her wide hips above her shorts. Often accentuated with gold jewelry. At work she wears a wide and varies assortment of BDSM gear, sexy outfits of various themes and lingerie. She loves to wear toe rings to draw attention to her foot paws as well.

Favourite Color


-Occupation: Porn star working for Mama Burr specializing in shemale porn. Both dominating men and women alike as well as solo work and cam shows. She's a fan favorite which is how she came to meet and become best friends with Sizani.

Extra Details

-Adult Info: A perky, supple, saggy, obscenely swollen and absolutely MASSIVE pair of gorgeous L Cup breasts with lusciously thick rosy pink nipples and MASSIVE breast encompassing areolas. Amazingly she is able to LACTATE. Something almost unheard of in trans females and possible thanks to her incredibly high levels of estrogen which stimulated milk production. She's a switch with an equal appetite for domination and submission equally. HEAVILY preferring to dominate females and submit to males. She is also blessed with all consuming love for domination, bondage, rough sex, cock worship, deep throating/skull fucking, facials, bukkake, cum swallowing, ball slurping/ball play, titty fucks, hotdogging, anal/ass-play, BDSM, and paw jobs. She has an incredibly MASSIVE 10 inch cock as thick as a beer bottle. Pale pink with soft rubbery barbs around the glans. Her balls hang OBSCENELY low. Almost flopping and slapping between her knees. They are as big as ripe oranges and can pump out a beer mug of cum in one go. Something she exploits for her porn by FILLING a beer mug and forcing a female to drink it down. Sometimes Sizani herself. She LOVES to use her fat, sweaty, cum swollen, saggy, floppy wet balls to tea bag females in the face and on their tongue. Rubbing her musky sack all over their slutty faces. A particularly lewd trick of hers is to demonstrate JUST how low her balls hang, and how well trained her asshole is (she loves extreme penetration with particularly massive ass stretching dildos) by actually popping her balls INTO her own asshole then pushing them back out. Although not a true nudist like Sizani, she IS an exhibitionist who delights in being seen naked and engaging in sexual activities. Hence her love of live cam shows and public sex and dildo fucking among other things. She's not adverse to strutting about completely nude out of pure laziness however. Often putting on a show with her throbbing morning wood when she comes down for breakfast. REGARDLESS of whether they have company or not.


1.78 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.07 Inches


63.5Kg · 9 Stone, 13.99 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Body Type

slime, lithe, toned, limber,


Slim, toned, lithe,

Extra Attributes

*A Thai born and raised shemale who came from a poor family, getting into porn as a thai "lady boy" before making enough money for her transition. Developing massive breasts AND the ability to lactate thanks to her already abnormally high estrogen levels as a man. Resulting in her looking more female than male since birth. She became a porn superstar for her absolutely MASSIVE 10 inch cock and orange sized balls. Cumming truly record amounts. Enough to fill a beer mug in one go. Specializing in sucking herself off and cumming down her own throat or all over her own face in self bukkake or literally filling an entire beer mug with steaming, thick hot nut butter before her astonished audience and proceeding to eagerly drink it all down. Eventually she made enough to fulfill her dream of immigrating to America. she found work with mama burr and became a star actress for her and a top earner. Sizani met her on a porn shoot and the two became best friends and fuck buddies with her meeting Jacob and entering into a unique three way relationship with the other two big cats. When she ran into problems with her housing, (namely her apartment becoming condemned due to serious structural problems and all tenants being evicted) she passed on Mama Burr's offer to set her up with new lodging and decided to move in with Sizani and Jacob since by her logic, she spent so much time over there fucking Sizani and being fucked by Jacob for the lioness' cam show anyway. They proved to get along quite well as house mates. Even if the days proved to be ANYTHING but quiet.

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