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I am here to promote art. I doodle. Mostly draw.


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Nator is the blue guy chugging cola. He has a lazy eye that permanently derps and makes it look l...
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Ancient Wolf posted to HumbleMarty

9 months ago

Hi, an thanks for subscribing to my art. :) I mostly draw characters and scenes from the books I write (have 7 published so far, finishing up another, and have several more planned). I haven't posted a lot of my stuff on here yet--I've been on SoFurry for several years, so all of my stuff (art and stories) is there...I'll eventually get more posted on here. :)

HumbleMarty · 9 months ago

You're welcome & Thank you.

New to this site. Just registering some stuff up before I put in tidbits about the new comics and commissions I work on. Still figuring out the import gallery thing. Nice to meet you.

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