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im I_AM_TRASH, but you can call me Jared

this page is a wip, and will be finished soon!


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I_AM_TRASH posted

26/01/2016 13:12

_*Name:* Randy Arrows_

_*Age:* 34_

_*Gender:* Male_

_*Species:* Human_

_*Nationality:* 100% Russian_

_*Birthday:* February 10th_

_*Voice:* His voice is stern, and he has a Russian accent_

_*Hair:* Randy has Red shoulder Length hair, along with a little bit of stubble on his

_*Eyes:* Randy has Green eyes_

_*Body:* Randy is very tall, probably around 7”8’ and very strong ;v;_

_*Scars:* Randy has scars from his wrists and up to his shoulder, that are small and
barily noticeable. On his side, he has a few small scars from being shot. His
back is messed up, making it hard to do certain things [Dosent stop him from
doing it though, even if it could result with a broken back], scars from
barbwire on his legs, and a few scars on his back._

_*Accessories:* Randy has reading glasses._

_*Usual Clothing:* Randy doesn’t really have specific clothes he wears. As long as they
aren’t girly, he could care less about what he was wearing_

Auggie posted to I_AM_TRASH

16/09/2015 18:18

 Thanks fur the sub :33

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