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This auction is for this character (not the species). Please note me if you sell it and you can't sell it for more than you paid for it. (Because that's not right. :D) Buying this gives you the second (I have the first) Aquon in existence. :D

If you win and buy her you may:
Change her gender to herm or transgender (please don't change her in to a male since males of this species are extremely rare.)
Get commissions of her
Sell her (for as much as you paid for her and note me if she is sold so I can update her.)
Roleplay with her

You cannot:
Claim ownership of the entire species
Claim the reference sheet as your own work. (Credit the artist, please.)

Starting bid is $20 USD
Autobuy is $40 USD

About Aquons:

Aquons are the result of a dragon and a dolphin resulting in the vibrant colors of a
dragon. Aquons also have an incredible life span spanning longer than a dolphin but
slightly shorter than a dragon. They can be found in aquatic caves, on the ocean floor,
and on beaches. They keep huge hoards of treasure which they will bask on and cover
themselves with it. Aquons are omnivores. There are more females than males of the
species with males being much rarer and sought after by the females. They lay eggs
and guard them with their lives. A clutch of eggs can be from 1 to 10 eggs at a time.
They are not social creatures and prefer to be alone rather than in a group. The only time that you can
find Aquons in a group is when it is mating season. Although, small bands have been known to live together
in a sort of tribe or to live around other Phins or dragons.

Base by sugarshepsky All edits, colors, and species by imago
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