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Mugshots never looked so good!! We have Id, Ego, and Super Ego...

Just kidding. From left to right it's Ikaru, Boscoe, and Kenpachi. (Kenpachi got hair later. XD ) Ikaru is owned by unrealfox which is why I don't have much art of him. Boscoe is owned by yours truly (which is why you see more art of him than anything else. XD) And Kenpachi... Well, we love Kenpachi. (Kidding he's owned by unrealfox) So the joke is that Kenpachi and Boscoe are always fighting to be super ego. XD

But I love buying art of these guys!

It was first bought by kuromeru-panthar When it was a sketch. ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20573426/ ) But after he decided to leave the internet I got all his characters and everything. I always loved this picture the most out of everything! But colored... It's a million times cooler!!

Anyhow, this beautiful piece was done by dswgratm. (colors and artwork!)
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