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Horrible name, but she's a real beauty. I made her for a story I was writing, but when the story took a turn she didn't have a place in it anymore. Rather than throw her out I decided to put her up for sale.

Her story if you're interested was that she works as a news anchor who was about to get her big scoop. Getting away from the desk and more down in the trenches. She was supposed to interview a top executive of a company, but when the building he was in exploded... The story was gone, and she went back to her desk job depressed to see her one shot slipping out of her claws.

She is a feline through and through. (Not a mix of any type.)

You don't have to keep the story or the name if you don't want to. Change anything, everything about her.

For $5 extra I will give you her NSFW reference sheet. For $5 more than that I can make her a herm if you'd like.

For the flat rate of $15 you get the SFW reference sheet. :)

Base by jackalope
Edits, colors, and story by imago

Owned by Fritti
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