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I'm New Hello

Yeah so I just joined. Trying it out. Not sure how I feel about this place so far. But we'll see what happens. Here's to anyone who starts watching me here! *throws confetti*
23/08/2015 18:55


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Artist Type: anthro artist
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Species: dog
Artist Type: anthro artist
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Libby Airspinner posted to Inferno

22/09/2015 14:39

it's silly derg!

Roy posted to Inferno

01/09/2015 10:27

Welcome to Furiffic, I saw you on the new members list and trust me, you'll feel more comfortable by the second.

I love your avatar by the way, it's adorable.

Finnian posted to Inferno

23/08/2015 19:18

 I love you. ♥

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