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I am a writer I draw a little bit but not as much as I write. I love writing for people just tell me what you want and I will do it. I will never charge more than like $15-$20 and if you join my patreon you will get a discount off anything you buy form me :)


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Free story

There are only 3 spots left. Dm me if you want a spot :) Then there were 3...
23/12/2017 13:14

Free story

Well. There are only 4 slots left to get your free story. If u still want a free story dm me and we can talk. No limits on what your story can be. Only 4 left.
22/12/2017 10:58


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Female · Dog · Bisexual · Aries
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Gamma is a 20 year old female beagle. She is pretty strong. She always wants to fight to make her...
08/12/2017 14:53


Male · Fennec fox · Heterosexual · Taurus
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Nicknames Ferno, Alpha
He can control fire with his left hand and water with his right. He Is extremely nice but has a d...
03/11/2017 09:31


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Skyline_Wolfie posted to Inferno Blaze

23/01/2018 11:53

Hey! Thanks for the fave on my new character Blaze! 

Just being curious, what aspects did you like about her?

Inferno Blaze · 23/01/2018 18:39

Well, I have a dragon who has the same name and your color pattern is 100% amazing. I love your colors are pretty cool. And she looks super cute as well

Skyline_Wolfie · 24/01/2018 12:05

Oh thanks! Honestly, most of her design was random, except the wings and markings.

Inferno Blaze · 29/01/2018 21:40 · 1 Reply

may i ask you how do you msg a person like this? Like im kinda new to furrific and would really like to know how?

Skyline_Wolfie · 30/01/2018 03:09

Honestly, I'm new to the site myself.

WastelandOni posted to Inferno Blaze

18/01/2018 17:09

Thanks for the watch!

Inferno Blaze · 18/01/2018 23:37


Hraefn posted to Inferno Blaze

01/01/2018 02:13

Burby appreciates fave~ ^v^

Inferno Blaze · 01/01/2018 05:20

your welcome :)

Lyeox posted to Inferno Blaze

27/12/2017 20:56


Inferno Blaze · 27/12/2017 21:27

Ha heyyyy

Hraefn posted to Inferno Blaze

18/12/2017 11:28

Burb appreciates fave!~

Inferno Blaze · 18/12/2017 12:44


Inferno Blaze · 18/12/2017 12:44

Your welcome

Madame Sparx posted to Inferno Blaze

10/12/2017 05:13

Thank you for subscribing! 

Inferno Blaze · 10/12/2017 05:17

Your welcome.

Hraefn posted to Inferno Blaze

09/12/2017 04:19

Burb appreciates fave and watch!~ ^v^

Inferno Blaze · 09/12/2017 04:19

Your welcome :D

Shukin posted to Inferno Blaze

08/12/2017 15:23

Thank you so much for your favorite and the watch! I hope my future content pleases you as well! Have a nice day!

Inferno Blaze · 08/12/2017 15:48

Thanks i hope you have a great day as well.

SnowVampire posted to Inferno Blaze

08/12/2017 10:20

Thanks for the watch!^^ Are you interested in the ych?♥

Inferno Blaze · 08/12/2017 11:19

sure i dont see why not

I lost. posted to Inferno Blaze

06/12/2017 02:59

Hey thanks for the follow! 

Inferno Blaze · 06/12/2017 03:05 · 1 Reply

You are very welcome sir

I lost. · 06/12/2017 04:54

 I see you're a writer too

Inferno Blaze posted

05/12/2017 03:29

Want a free story? Based off of your own characters? message me. There are still 9 spots left. first come first serve.