Ink Dragon the Alien
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hahahaha what backstory


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Snot Monster

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Liquid Form:
You see what appears to be at first a normal black dragon. However as you get closer you realize the dragon is made entirely of some manner of black liquid whose colors strangely shift in the light. The beast appears as if it is constantly melting but never diminishing; despite large droplets periodically falling from it. As you further inspect it, you take notice of the gooey creature's gold tail spade. The spade is shaped exactly as if it were a giant pen nib. Finally the creature seems to take notice of your gaze. Turning its large green insect like eyes upon you as a wide grin full of jagged golden teeth appears upon its chest.

Solid Form:

Sprawled on their back before you is a squat and chunky black dragon of indeterminate gender. Their scales are a patchwork of darkest blues and deep browns, with the occasional brilliant white or gold scale thrown in as if for good measure. They bare two short horns on their head and a mane of rich black hair with the occasional shock of neon pink. They look up at you with mismatched blue and green eyes and a lopsided grin before asking,"Why are you upside down?"


1.37 Meters · 4 Feet, 5.93 Inches


109Kg · 17 Stone, 2.3 Pound

Body Type




Extra Attributes

Length: 3.96 meters

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A solution of iron sulfate and tannic acid in draconic form

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Skype, 3rd Person, short form to semi paragraph, One shot for non-story driven or on-going for story driven