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Has a similar beginning to Kyara in where she was born in a small
village on the coast line. She is an only child and at the age of 6 or
7, her village was attacked where she and a bunch of the other kids were
captured while her family and villagers were killed. She was then taken
to a nearby town/city where she was sold into slavery. She was sold to
an upper class family who wanted a second servant for their household.
There she would meet the other slave Kyara who was suppose to train her
but she felt intimidated by her which led to Lorelei making many
mistakes which led to them both getting berated. However over the next
few years Lorelei and Kyara grew closer as they were both stuck in this
unfortunate situation and could on confide in each other. One day
Lorelei made one of the masters angry enough were she started getting
severely beaten but before she could fully comprehend what was going on,
Kyara jumped on the master, ripping him apart and killing him. With
Lorelei stunned and confused, Kyara grabbed her hand and they both fled
as far away as they possibly could. They laid low, going from town to
town before deciding to cross to a bordering country where slavery was
illegal and they took in slave refugees regardless of their past. For
the new few years she and Kyara lived in a city slum where Kyara did odd
jobs to support them both while Lorelei was still recovering from the
shock. After Kyara joined the Contract Hunters, she got Lorelei a job at
the registry where Hunters can pick-up contracts and she bought a small
place just outside of the city centre finally getting out of the slums.
She also encouraged Kyara to work with Ion's hunter group Fangenclaw as
she worried when Kyara when hunting on her own.


1.6 Meters · 5 Feet, 2.99 Inches


42Kg · 6 Stone, 8.59 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Colors

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