Iracundia the Horse wolf hybrid is feeling Loved
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Hi there! ^.^

Welcome to my page.
I'm Iracundia, a British Fur, though you can call me Ira. ^w^
I'm a laid-back, friendly fluff who always up for meeting new people and making strong friends, so feel free to say hi.

I have two fursona's, Iracundia a horse wolf hybrid who is my main 'sona, and
Flux the Yellow Labrador who is my fursuit.

A little about me, I manage pubs and clubs for a living, which for the most part a fun job, very rarely a
dull moment! I'm also licensed security with first aid and handcuff training. ;)
I do a bit of volunteer work for furcons, helping out with security.
I'm a qualified BSc (Hons) Animal Scientist and have over the years worked with and cared for a large variety of animals,
though I'm not so active in the industry anymore.
I've also travelled a bit around the world, seen many amazing sights and done some stupid things. ;)
I guess you could say I'm a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades.
Hobbies include gaming, attending cons and just being a butt.
Well that's the basics of me. ^w^



One of the original members of Furiffic, only just got round to getting off my ass and using it! XD



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22/07/2016 11:29
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Male · Horse wolf hybrid · Bisexual · Leo
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02/06/2016 15:16


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Bun Fluffpaws

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MistaTurnip posted to Iracundia

02/06/2016 23:44

Me oh my, talented and finally active? Oh yes!

Iracundia · 03/06/2016 15:50

Thanks. XD Though I'm by far from talented! Credit to HauntedJynx as she's the one who taught me what i know. ^.^

Iracundia posted

02/06/2016 18:20

That depressing moment when your submission frequency was 1088 its at 272 days. BECOMING ACTIVE!!

HauntedJynx · 02/06/2016 20:47 · 3 Replies

You are getting too active now ;P

Iracundia · 02/06/2016 20:48

Can't handle my energy???

HauntedJynx · 02/06/2016 20:49


Iracundia · 02/06/2016 20:51

Not so much Bunny. But you will find out in 2 weeks that i can go on and on and on and on...