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Jade was born in Cloudsdale, her mother and father are Pegasai. She was born a Unicorn. Her father accused her mother of cheating on him and drove them both from his house. Her mother choose that it was best for her daughter to be raised where Unicorns flourish, so she took her to Canterlot. Jade grew to a young foal going to unicorn school. One day she had to go to the Canterlot library to find a book for school, her mother went with her and there they met the Librarian. Jade fell in love with the books and so she and her mother would visit the Library often and in time her mother fell in love and married the Librarian. He taught Jade how to use her magic to levitate books and turn pages. She was allowed to explore the library while her mother and Stepfather helped other ponies. One day she found a book that had been misplaced and upon starting to read it, her eyes filled with awe. The book was about Pony sexuality, and Jade was entranced by this information (she was about highschool age).

She then started to look for all the books and when her parents found her surrounded by sexuality books they discovered that her cutie mark had appeared. Apparently her talent was to learn and assist others with sexual based problems.

Her step-father was able to order the books she needed and she learned so quickly and as a grown mare she became one of the few Sex Therapists in Canterlot.

When the Crystal Empire returned she said goodbye to her parents and moved there. While on the train she met a male Unicorn and they soon fell in love. they lived together in the Crystal empire, during this time Jade found out she was sterile and could not have children. She and her husband adopted and raised a boy. when he moved out to find his real parents Jade became depressed and her husband eventually left her. Once this happened she started to hear the voices. The voices soon took over and she became dark and cold toward others.

She turned into Nighmare Jade and with her new power she became much better at her job. In order to keep the voices happy she does villainous acts in ManeHatten some nights in order to keep just enough evil in her body so that she can use the powers of the NightMares.





Favourite Food

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Sex therapist for the crystal empire during the day

villian in Manehatten by night.


2.5 Meters · 8 Feet, 2.42 Inches


142.4Kg · 22 Stone, 5.93 Pound

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Jade is a powerful unicorn who has been taken over by the Nightmare forces. She doesn't listen to the voices that often, just at night.

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