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Iron artist 2nd wave

Published: 23/09/2016 00:16

 ゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜☆ ゜・。。・゜


Overly complicated characters will cost $10 extra.
Wings are $5 extra
ALL will be artist freedom.

Not available for Trade.

Paypal Only.

Starts: 26th of September, 2016

The 2nd wave of the Iron artist slots are now available for purchase. If you want one comment or send me an email (commission.jbcblank@gmail.com) with your username, the character(s) you want on the cover of the novel and then send $30 to JBCBlank@gmail.com once I have added you to the list.

OC slots can be bought and replaced

2nd Wave
SFW $30
Romance novel covers

11. Jasperthefriendlytoast Solo
12. Gelbert and Daisy
13. Alandros and Flur
14. Gelbert and Alandros
15. Gelbert and random male
16. Gelbert and random female
17. Alice and Cheezeburger
18. Jeff and Alandros
19. Jeff and Gelbert
20. Jeff and Alice

to see future categories, fallow the link: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7669270/

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